When the one you love is sick

When the one you love is sick

What if someone you love is sick? Of course, it is the best care, full companionship!

The term "loved ones" we refer to here usually refers to intimate family members. If not, will we take care of it?

In recent weeks, several children at the Myitkyina Children's Center in northern Myanmar have been sick in succession. The children's centre is attended by a missionary couple who care for more than 20 children.

In fact, they have two children themselves, along with these poor children from the outside, living under the same roof, living an indiscriminate life.

In addition to taking care of their two biological children, it is not easy to take care of these 20 "other people's" children, and treat them as self- and self- of one.

Look at our preacher, how in the rainy morning, riding a motorcycle, carrying sick children, hurried to the hospital to register. Also help fever children cold to get back on fever, accompany the child to see the clinic, more the whole week in the hospital with the inpatient children, eat and sleep together.

Obviously, the love and care of these two preachers is hard for us to understand. After I recently saw these photos, I told them it was hard. They answered me and said, This is what God wants them to do, and they're going to do it well, and take care of these children.

Obviously, by their meticulous care of these children, it can be seen that these children, although not born to them, are their "loved ones", just as they love their children.

Let us bless this loving and selfless preacher husband and wife, and ask God to continue to give them strength, patience, and to the endless love and sorrow of these poor children.