Do you know what you're asking for?

Do you know what you're asking for?

The world is fickle, the future is uncertain, and the inner worry is inevitable.

So, whether it's electing president, looking for a job, seeking wealth, asking for marriage, buying a house, having children, moving house, getting sick, … Lin Lin total thing, if you can know the future outcome earlier, then how good.

So what do we do? The most common situation in society is to turn to those who claim to be able to tell them about the future, "God", or something. For example, ask God, look at gossip, purple micro-fight number, life plate, constellation ,….. Wait a minute.

Of course, these two things are included in the picture. This is something I've only known recently. One is the Seven Star Array, the other is the Tarot.

Let's go back to the most fundamental question, many people have experience, ask the above some of these "things", are often very accurate (of course, there are no times). So who gives them the power to predict? It's great to know your future!

Obviously, this superpower must be the only way to live in a human higher dimension than we live in a third -degree space.

What are these living things? Everyone has his own judgment in his heart, and I don't make much of a guess.

But there is one thing worth our attention and reflection, what are the characteristics of these living things? Is you really going to help you? Or to hurt you? Is it to guide you? Or is it misleading you? Is it to make you happy when you're in a state of panic? Or will you plunge you into deeper fear, or even narrow you? Is it to make your life/life's path wider and wider? Or is it getting narrower?

Recently I was in a traffic with a sister in an area, trying to understand the cause of his insomnia, she told me, she used to worship in the temple, there is a seven-star array inside the house.

Then one day she decided to throw the Seven Constellations away, and that night she had a strange dream. She dreamed of seven snakes talking to each other, saying she should move, because the family couldn't stay….

A few years ago I met a sister who grew up idolising, and later she experienced severe depression and insomnia. For a while he decided to abandon some of the "things" she had worshipped and convert to another religion. As a result, she had a dream that night.

Inside the dream, she was trapped in a circle, surrounded by her, all the idols she had worshipped before. They looked very ugly and angry, questioning why the sister left them. In the dream, the sister's determination to leave was very strong.

Those idols had no way to say to her, "If you really want to leave us, you at least choose one of us, still kneeling and worshipping him." At this point, the sister wakes up from a nightmare….

I think you all have more or less similar experiences in this area, and if not, at least you've heard from others. I myself of course also have a lot of this aspect of the "unpleasant" experience, limited to space, but also afraid that many people feel too ghostly, here is not much to talk about.

Dear brothers and sisters, many things that happen in our lives are worthy of our review and thought. But something has happened, or something about the present and the future, when there is doubt, to ask for something you don't know about, to believe it, to open the door to your life, to let them live in, to take root in it, to build a nest, to thrive. Isn't that too dangerous?!

To give a simple example, would you open the door of your home to strangers you don't know who don't know the bottom sit in or stay for a long time? I think everyone's answer will be very consistent and say no.

Here to bless everyone, including myself, when i am encountering the turning point of life and the unknown, be careful not to casually follow and listen to the prophecies and instructions of people we do not know, "God", or things, to avoid getting into greater trouble inside. Let's all have the ability to discern. Bless you.