Where's the money pit?

Where's the money pit?

The recent rise of glowing (all Arise Shine) has made groundbreaking progress in the evangelical work of denouncing Tijuana, Mexico, which is fully supported. In addition to the evangelical work of many current projects, evangelical workers have obtained permission from the government to visit prisons on a regular basis to visits prisoners who are about to be released.

The ability to be allowed to go to prison, to visit our cellmates, to comfort and strengthen them, and to pass on the good news of the Gospel to them, is what is not to be asked for, and exciting things! After a first visit to 10 cellmates, all accepted Jesus Christ as the Savior of their lives. Two of them are willing to accept the heavy (complex) work of the evangelical establishment after they have been released from prison.

There is a passage in Isaiah in the Old Testament: "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me, that I have preached good information to the humble, and sent me to heal the sad, to report the release of the captives, and to be imprisoned in prison."

Yes. Isn't that the way God wants it? The person imprisoned in the cage, if the body can be released, the mind also out of the prison for a long time, that is how beautiful things ah!

Prison Ministry is a very special gospel job. Bring hope to a group of desperate men, and bring a lamp into the dark cage. Many visionary Evangelicals regard prison ministry as the Treasure of the Gospel. Because a group of otherwise desperate people, after being prayed, comforted, and told Good news, it is highly likely that after coming out of prison, it is a makeover, a whole new person. The Gospel work of prison can greatly witness that the Gospel is the great energy of God.

For example, the gospel work of prisons in Taiwan, after God opened the door many years ago, every year there are many evangelical warriors from various churches at home and abroad, into various prisons in Taiwan, through the testimony, through the drama, through the preaching of the truth,…. Got tens of millions of cellmates. Let their lives rekindle their hopes.

Likewise, we believe that in the opening of the gospel work in the Mexican Walloon prison, more people are necessary in the future, so that those in the dark can see the great light of God. We offer thanks for this door of God, and we have to constantly pray for God's continued conservatism and expansion.

Titus, Mexico, is a very dark place, full of drugs, murder, pornography, violence, and broken families. We are in the Gospel warriors of denouncing, whose footprints span orphanages, red-light districts, street vagrants, broken families, women with violence, children from single-parent families,….

With a cup of hot coffee, a rich sandwich, a prayer, a game, a share, a consolation, and companionship,…. Those wounded souls are healing, those who have lost hope and the direction of life, have seen a beacon, those in the stormy life is constantly being consolidated and built, this is how pleasing to God, in line with the biblical truth of the Gospel work Ah! How many section in the Bible have we looked after and supported the fatherless in trouble, and protected the Sojourner!?

I used to encourage the gospel workers of Tim denouncing on the phone at the end of 2018, and while this may be a lonely gospel path, not many people will agree, but it must be sustained. I also assure them that as long as the rise of the day of glowing existence, they will walk with them for a day. I also agree with them that our support is not only at present, but that in the future, if there is any need, we will continue to bet on their gospel work.

Pen and pens, let me think of a few months ago, talking to a shepherd and a brother. When it comes to the gospel work of Timothy Vannes in Mexico, both of them agree that this is a "money pit" and that there is no great gospel effect to see … I was extremely surprised and very disappointed by their views.

What is a money pit? The money Pit is, of course, the place where the money keeps dropping and doesn't get the payoff and the effect. So as far as the gospel work is concerned, let's think more about what the effect is. Is it hard to see tangible churches being established? Did anyone believe in the Lord immediately when they saw the gospel?

Is the definition of the fruit effect of evangelism really so superficial and narrow? If so, what is the point of asking us in the Bible to comfort those who are sad? Doesn't gospel work also require people to loosen the soil?

It is true that the continuous add of the establishment of churches and planting halls, and the constant number of people saved, is a beautiful thing and a matter of great importance. But for the church or the evangelical establishment, if the betting of resources is only placed on these two things, does it seem too utilitarian? More obvious about the evangelical workers "count beans" mentality?

I do not know what you think, but for the rise and fall of the many gospel work, we firmly believe that as long as there is a resource investment in "Life Building" and "soul saving", even if there is no possibility of building a church in the short term, we do not think that it is a money pit, all worthy of our continued participation and efforts. Bless you.