Happy "mother" Festival!

Happy "mother" Festival!

Today is Mother's Day, I wish the world the greatest, silent sacrifice of mothers, Happy Mother's Day! Whether it's the birth mother (Biological mother) or the foster mother, God created you to be the most special group of women, shouldering the responsibility of raising children, to be the most important and unforgettable person in your child's life.

In the missionary workshops that lie ahead, there is also a special group of "mothers" who are parenting mothers and spiritual mothers (Spiritual mother).

They are not very old, there are men, there are women, some are married, some are unmarried. They do not have any kinship with the group of children they care for, but they accompany them 24 hours a half, take care of their lives, pick them up and go to school, help them cook three meals, watch them do their homework, take them to read the Bible and sing poetry, train them to do housework and work in the fields, and of course play with them.

They burn their youth and look after a group of fatherless, fatherless, or poor children from broken families. Because of these special "mothers" on the put, a group of original life is bleak, can not see any hope of the child, from then on the movement of life is no longer the same.

On Mother's Day today, in addition to saying happy Mother's Day to our own mothers, we also want to pay the greatest tribute to a group of special "mothers" who silently sacrifice themselves, take care of other people's children, and do not ask for rewards in all parts of the world. Today we also have to say loudly to them: "Mother" Festival happy. Because they really deserve it.