Mendell (Mendel) with Haitian and Burmese children: Your time would come!

Mendell (Mendel) with Haitian and Burmese children: Your time would come!

Two days ago, with a brother taking advantage of the opportunity to attend a medical association in Vienna, he went on a day trip to the nearby Czech town of Brno and visited the Mendell Monastery and museum.

In many of the introduction of Mendell, in addition to being surprised by his intelligence, perseverance, and achievements, what impressed me most was the poor life of Mendell's youth.

Mendell was born into a very poor family, the parents could not supply him to study, then he went to study theology as a monk, after the age of 30 to go to Vienna to attend university, after graduation into genetic research,….

He has a wide range of interests, not only as the abbot of the monastery, a geneticist, a meteorologist (meteorologist), but even as a bank governor. He once said a very pretentious remark-"My time would come, and it came."

On the day of his visit to the Gates Museum, the fellow brothers, after reading his biography, told me that the many vulnerable child children, whether in Haiti, Myanmar, China, Mexico, Taiwan, or northern Thailand, were in a situation as embarrassed as the mendell of the year, arise the rise of the glowing (all). But there is the same infinite possibility, …

It reminds me that every time I go to Haiti, when I visit the students of the school we started in one by one, the most common words of encouragement I say to them are "there is a dream (have a dream)."

I encourage the poor children of the remote villages of Haiti to say that your future will not be limited by your past and present. If you have a dream and can carry on, there is a good chance that the President of Haiti will be among you in the future.

Many of you in the future are also likely to be distinguished physicians, engineers, teachers, priests, missionaries, entrepreneurs, and the elite of various industries in the community …

I also shared with them that I actually grew up in the countryside of southern Taiwan when I was a child, and my father was also a farmer. As a child also must help dad pick dung watering vegetables, but because he has always had a small dream, can become today's me, …

Visiting the Mendell museum gives me a deeper understanding of how meaningful it is to rise to the gospel work of the vulnerable children who are glowing around the world, and how much help and hope it can bring to these children.

Fellow brothers also quite feel the same writing the following essay to share with the crowd.

"Your time would come, and it is coming"

Recently, during a visit to a medical conference in Vienna, take advantage of a city in a neighbouring country visited over the weekend.We came to the great man of modern genetic science, the birthplace of Mendell's law, a monastery.It is also the Mendell Museum.

He is the father of genetics, the foundation of modern genetics science. From the pea process, humility, persistence, care, in the very complex results, deduced to spy on the genetic code that God buried in the world.It lays the scientific foundation of modern genetics and medicine.

The value of life is far higher than our limited imagination.

A child of poor birth, there would be no chance in the village at all.The original world and life, is also likely to be forgotten to throw away there.But the life in the eyes of the world, the value is often far undervalued, extremely precious, not only full of opportunities, there are still infinite possibilities, can be greatly flipped, or even the creation of his time.

I quote a one-page introduction to the Mendel that attracted me the most.Mentioned in the last passage.

"The life story of this humble scientific giant is so appealing that its appeal is comparable to that of his peas research."

Mendell once mentioned: "My time would come, and it came" "I will create my times, and my times have come.""Diligence, perseverance, and continuous effort."Continue to advance the boundaries of our knowledge and expand the boundaries of our lives."

Dear brothers and sisters, Mendell, though born of an ordinary family, has finally become the father of modern genetics because of his perseverance. Is it possible that some of the vulnerable children we are helping around will produce another door del in the future? The answer is, of course, it's possible. It excites us to think of this. But before these limitless possibilities happen, let's be willing to lend a helping hand first! Bless you.