To make every child have his own bed.

To make every child have his own bed.

Thanks to God's leadership and use, let the rise of the glowing (all arise shine) in northern Myanmar to participate in a variety of children's gospel work.

In addition to providing assistance to a number of established children's centres, we are also actively involved in the planning of the establishment of a number of new children's centres.

The establishment of a children's center, the need to do things extremely cumbersome, including the construction of living space, the purchase of all kinds of equipment, the necessities of life, the cost of learning and the financing and supply of teaching materials, and the provision of care for the preacher's salary …. Wait a minute.

, an indispensable living facility is a child's bed.

You can see this combination of pictures. Three of the pictures are children in a children's center, because of limited funding and poor equipment, so when you go to bed, the children sleep together in a crowded bed.

Another image is another children's center, and when we help them buy bunk beds, each child has their own sleeping space. Think about it, and it's probably the only "independent world" they have in the children's center!

So the rise of luminescence has an absolute insistence on the gospel work of children, which is that every child should have a bed of his own, unless the space in the Children's Center does not provide such a setting.

A high-quality, sturdy wooden bunk bed (better than a iron frame) is about Burmese dollar 150,000, equivalent to 750 yuan, or NT dollars less than 3,500. It would be cheaper if it was made of an iron frame, or if it had the ability to weld itself.

Come to think of it, such a small help would allow children in these children's centres to sleep peacefully at night and sometimes daze, chat, or daydream in bed,….. Do you say it's worth it? Let your money play to its greatest benefits! Bless you.