The wheat on the floor — the famous words of the preacher

The wheat on the floor — the famous words of the preacher

— In order to get what cannot be lost, and willing to give people who can't last forever, won't be a fool (He is no no fool souts what he can not not to get then what it is he cannot lose.)

The above sentence is true and clear that many people in the world are willing to give up high, opportunity, with fame and fame, for the gospel, for the lost soul, they are absolutely not fools, their choice is extremely meaningful.

That's what Jim Elliot, a preacher who martyred him more than 60 years ago, said. Jim Elliot who you probably don't know, but a few years ago you must have heard, or seen a movie — the tip of the spear: Amazon's Sad Song.

Jim Elliot is one of five preachers who were martyred in this film. This is a true story. In 1956, five young American Christian preachers came to the pristine jungles of El Guado, hoping to preach the gospel to the Waodani, an unopened Indian tribe, and, unfortunately, they almost set foot on the tribe's territory, being killed by Indians armed with long spears.

Jim Elliot was 28 when he died, leaving behind his wife and a 10 – month – old daughter.

The Waodani tribe's warriors witnessed the killing of the missionaries, and saw that they had not pulled the trigger despite holding a pistol, and had steadfastly refused to give up their religion until they died, a move that made those of the primitive tribes very puzzled, and wondered what forces they were able to do.

Two years later, the wives and sisters of two of the missionaries also set foot on the rainforest, with the legacy of the people they loved, and re-promoted the gospel to the tribal people… 

John — I do tell you: If a grain of wheat does not fall to the ground to die, it is still a grain; If you die, you'll have a lot of granules.

Indeed, the reason why the gospel can spread widely in the land of the less able people, many of which have something to do with the sacrifice of the missionaries. Jim Elliot and four other preachers, who died in the Amazon jungle of El Guado, are the grounded wheat, and will be in that tribe in the future with a lot of seeds.

New Testament Hebrews 11 refers to a man who is not in the world. If this is used to describe the preacher, it would be more apt. Missionary is really the unequipped man of the world.

In order to let my brothers and sisters know the moving stories of many martyrs, I will make a series of albums called " The Landed Wheats — The Famous Words of the Missionaries", to share and share with my brothers and sisters.

I hope that their sacrifice and the famous words left behind by the gospel's blood will inspire us, infect us, let us also follow the fire, and be willing to give our share. Bless you.