Set your mind and help.

Set your mind and help.

In addition to the Monbo Evangelical School, the South Pagha Chinese School in Northern Myanmar is also carrying out repairs.

Since some works involve roof maintenance and wood replacement, workers have to climb on to work on the roof. For safety reasons, all construction can only be carried out in the event of fine weather, dry roofs and wood beams, to avoid the risk of slipping (falling).

We hope that after some of these repairs are done, this Chinese evangelical school in the rain, the roof does not leak rain, the house does not enter the water. In the cold winter, when the north wind is whistling, the school classroom and dormitory room can also warm without leaking wind.

All Arise Shine, praying to God, setting his mind, willing to slowly repair more than 30 schools below our evangelical institutions in Burma year after year.

These 30 schools have thousands of students, as well as thousands of students living in the school. Their learning environment and improvement of quality of life are worth doing our part for them, so that these children, who have been living in war or poverty all year round, will live better.

May God delight in our putt, and also ask God to constantly supply our great needs in this supplementary work.