Start from scratch: See the hope of the future

Start from scratch: See the hope of the future

All Arise Shine is honored to have the opportunity to visit the planned "Rich Park" near Pyin Oo Lwin, accompanied by Dean Maine/Myanmar Lee and his team.

In this nearly 100 acres of land, the next year or two will be opened to resettle refugees in the community, schools, demonstration agricultural land, agricultural areas, gardens, retreat camps, water conservation areas and cemeteries and so on.

All along, the vision of Themen-Tiant/Myanmar-Fu is pioneering, preaching and planting. Outsiders seem to have extremely hard work, and for them, starting from scratch seems to be a commonthing.

They explained to me the future situation of each block to be used, and the development of the time frame, which included many basic major constructions, such as the opening of roads outside the union, the diversion of water from the water source, and the project of wire and cable.

The first preacher has moved into a nearby village, coming here every day to sort out and pioneer. The preacher responsible for the planning and process of the entire park is also ready to inspect and provide the necessary assistance. The team of MainE/Myanmar and Dean Li is responsible for fundraising and master planning.

The rise of Glow is fortunate enough to be able to participate in their work, initially providing help with water diversion projects, as well as the construction of several refugee families' homes, and we hope that in the future we can help more.

This visit I learned a valuable experience: as long as there are visions, do things that fit God's heart, have patience not afraid of hard step by step, and then great and difficult things can be achieved.

Soon, within two years, the landscape of this place will change completely. Then it will become a real "rich park", let us bless the development of this grand plan, and wait and see.