Give them food when you're hungry: the power of small money

Give them food when you're hungry: the power of small money

The emperor ate. The supply of rice or rice is an important item in the rise of glowing many services.

We rarely experience poverty-related hunger, so we don't know the pain of hunger and the horror. But just imagine that you can only eat one meal a day, or perhaps three days without food feel about understand.

In Kachin state in northern Myanmar, there are currently five kindergartens that receive our rice supply every month. These five kindergartens are made up of loving churches near the local area, making room, hiring teachers, and housing nearby children.

But because of the extremely limited funding, at noon the children at school, there is no way to supply them with food, so that the children must be hungry.

Our work is very simple, is to make the supply of rice, so that they have food to eat. This help is actually very small.

But also thanks to our help, with links to them, often can receive photos and videos from them, so let us see how innocent and lovely these life has just sprouted and thrived.

I later realized that we wanted to help them, but they brought me greater happiness.

These children are now joining our Bible and Prayer programs at children's centres throughout Myanmar, and over time, I believe that their spiritual lives in the future must be extraordinary to the construction of truth.

In a country that has been in the midst of war for 60 years, let us wish them a full, happy and happy life every day, never feeling the fear of hunger.