Let money play to its greatest value

Let money play to its greatest value

The continued work of the Gospel on the front lines often gives me a glimpse of how valuable money is if it is used well.

I think that every child of God, especially those who grow up in rich areas, should be really opened, usually in addition to the life of the Anshu, but also to contribute their own strength, so that their small pay, the achievement of the great glory of the Kingdom of God. Let me give you an example here to share with you.

The recent rise of glowing (all arise shine) in southern Myanmar, near Thailand's border city of Myanmar, wants to work on a new children's centre.

This work will be carried out by our younger brother, the head of the evangelical work in the Burmese region. The younger brother, who graduated from the seminary and served in the church for many years, was particularly moved by the orphan's work. He will take care of 20 very poor children in the homes he bought years ago.

Pictures of such a large house, there is a wall, and close to the road, traffic is convenient, the house looks in good condition.

Now, would you please guess what the price of this house was bought a few years ago? At that time the preacher's younger brother was bought in 17 million Burmese dollars. Contains all the property rights of the land and the house. The price counts as about 80,000 yuan, or about 12,000 dollars.

In other words, 12,000 dollars of investment can let about 20 children have a warm home, in this growth and strong, life in the right track. If you are lucky, there may be a few missionaries and preachers in the future!

What can 12,000 dollars do in Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, or London? I don't think half a ping of land or a house can be bought. There is no way to even a parking space, let alone build a toilet.

But if someone is "smart enough" and willing to invest 12,000 dollars in a small town in Burma, this small amount will be able to change a big house to accommodate many children in need, so that his life can be nurtured and created here. Such money utilization is so valuable. Do you agree? Bless you.