Funds are in place to step up the rush

Funds are in place to step up the rush

The plight of 200 children sharing two toilets at the Monbo Evangelical School in northern Myanmar has finally been solved after All Arise Shine promised to help.

Only at present is the rainy season in Myanmar, can be construction time is not much, workers can only take advantage of the rain-free days, step up to rush work. It's not easy to see them do most of the work underground in just a week or two.

Bless the next few weeks, the weather can improve, so that the above – ground works can be completed quickly. When the schoolchildren do not have to "so shy", at any time can "enjoy" "convenient and convenient".

Of course, the kitchen and bathroom works will be completed one after another. We believe that in the near future the children of this evangelical school, the quality of life and learning will be greatly improved.

Let us bless them!