Close to alignment, alignment to glow

Close to alignment, alignment to glow

The rise of Glow (all Arise Shine) believes that whether it is a church, an institution, or an individual, it is only by aligning with God that it can shine (Shining through alignment). And to align with God is, of course, close to God's heart, to those who are close to God's concern, thing, and things (Alignment through approximation).

God's mind is much more elaborated in the Bible. Through the opening and moving of the Holy Spirit, we can learn more or less about what God cares about and cares about. But this understanding varies from person to person, or is superficial, or profound. If the children of God can go deep into the front line of the gospel, close to the people God cares about, and understand some real situations, then we must be able to feel deeper about God's heart.

I would now like to make an example of an ongoing evangelical work project. The first picture is of a female dormitory in a children's centre in the Bonchimbeyen area of Kachin, northern Myanmar. In this small house, there are usually more than 10 girls living there.

As the premises were old and the beams were rotten, our missionaries in the area contacted me late last year. Can I help them renovate? I asked about how much it would cost, and he said it was estimated to be about Burmese dollar 1.3 million (about 900 dollars). I without saying and said yes.

Now that house has been torn down and started to cover (unlike I thought, it was just a renovation). It is expected to be completed in a further two or three weeks. Roughly estimated by the photo, the house covers an area of about 350 to 400 sq ft (about 10 to 12 ping). After the house is built, a simple girls ' bath will be stamped next to it. The original bath room was so rudimentary that it was covered with only two plastic sheets.

At a cost of less than 1,000 dollars, it is possible to build a small house and give girls in more than 10 children's centres a warm place to live, at a low cost, with high value and indescribable words.

At the cost of building a house in California, the current construction company, 1 square feet is the cheapest also about 350 dollars, accounting down the northern Burmese this female dormitory must spend 12 to 140,000 dollars, in order to build the completion.

That doesn't include the cost of a girl's bath! That means California has more than 120 times times the cost of building a house in northern Burma. Of course you'll tell me that California houses are much better quality, and that's certainly true.

In fact, this is just one of the many examples of missionary workshops in front of them. Such cases let us know how happy our present life is (luxury, waste …), and how useful and valuable we usually think a small sum of money is. Of course, our horizons have been broadened, so that we have a rethinking of the use and values of money.

Bryan Stevenson, a Christian human rights worker in the United States, famously said, "If you want to know a lot of important things, you have to be close to them." Indeed, if we are to truly understand the compassion and love that is often mentioned in the Bible, we must be close to those who need to be pitied and loved.

After years of staying only within the high walls of the church, not looking out at the eyes, or personally approaching these people in need, we can not understand God's mind, so, how to talk about the alignment with God? Not to mention "glowing."

For most of the situation, the opposite of love is not hate, but "apathy." Is apathy also possible with cold and cold blood? It is understandable because of ignorance and indifference.

It would be terrible if you were fully aware of the real situation and continued to remain indifferent. How much of today's church and the children of many gods are ignorant and indifferent to the needs of the Gospel workshop? And how many have already known, and still stand idly by?

Hope that the 120 times-fold story of the Chimbeyen children's hostel in northern Myanmar is somewhat open to the value of our lives and lives. Bless you.