Trying to be a loyal good housekeeper: strict and tolerant

Trying to be a loyal good housekeeper: strict and tolerant

This afternoon a spiritual elder sent me a message, asking me to note that we were a preacher in a gospel area that I did not know.

I asked him what he meant, and he replied that I had a dirty money, and that the money he should use for gospel work would be used to build his own mansion.

I understood the situation, the original preacher with overseas relations are very good, so their own external fund-raising to all over the country, the proceeds of their own free use, the lack of monitoring mechanism will result in such a result.

I told him, if this preacher comes across me, there may not be any way, because All Arise Shine has very strict controls.

Infidelity or uncleanness of the financial system not only hurts the hearts of the brothers and sisters who are enthusiastically dedicated to the rear, but also seriously affects the progress of the gospel work ahead. Over the years, in several of our major service areas, I did smell a few very special examples, preachers in the name of the need for ministry, everywhere to trick.

Two years ago, I heard a particularly sad example of a evangelical institution in Taiwan that had served in the southwest of a country for 20 years, and that the fruits of the gospel were remarkable, but suddenly it ended all this work and turned elsewhere.

At a chance, a fellow member of the evangelical institution familiar with the situation told me, because the preachers of a country with whom they worked were so insatiable that they could not bear it, so they had to give up all the work in the area.

Gospel work requires a lot of resources, especially money, but money is a two-edged sword, to be very careful in the application, in the money this matter of falls more and more see, how to stay away from or resist temptation, is really very important. Otherwise in the end not only fell, but also let everyone fall. It's a real gain or loss.

In the face of money, the weakness of human nature cannot be ignored. So the mechanism to prevent harm must have. In this regard, I personally disagree with the brothers and sisters who send money directly into the gospel workshop ahead, as in the first example discussed in this article. Unless the devotees have great faith in the gospel workers on the front lines. Because how does the money work? Where to use it? Lack of regulatory mechanisms.

Generally speaking, if through the church, or the missionary institutions will be more secure. Because both have certain regulatory mechanisms, such as internal councils, external accountants checkaccounting and IRS checking accounts.

The use of money is also limited, in the United States, personnel administrative costs can not exceed 15-20% in total. Although proportionised, it is often blamed, but at least ensure that most of the money is spent in evangelical workshops.

Rise glow founded nearly 4 years, the use of money has always adhered to the highest standards. Because there are so many moving stories among our devotees, we must be completely faithful to their trust, so that we can't live up to their trust in the rise of the glow.

First, the rise glow to the present still maintain 0% overhead cost. In other words, all the dedication income is spent on farm work, without any salary, administration, or travel expenses. There's not a dime. And for this reason, we can do the gospel work of so many countries with limited funding.

In the use of farm funds, we spend a lot of time to do communication and control work. Through social media conversations, photos, and videos, plus our background checks in the area, we have a basic understanding of the need for a particular gospel work. So it's not too outrageous when it comes to making the money.

In the case of the renovation work that is often carried out in Burma and Haiti, after the current evangelical workers have suggested that the project needs to be recognized, we'll ask them to budget a breakdown (as shown in the composite picture).

Each item requires sand, cement, bricks, wood, and all kinds of other materials, each how much, to be reported one by one. After understanding the unit price of the original material, we can see if the whole budget is reasonable.

You may wonder, how do we know if the price of the original material is reasonable? Because we are in the same area, different places have similar projects in progress, so the price of the original materials of each kind of construction we have a spectrum in mind, not to be deceived.

In addition, for larger projects, we take the strategy of allocating funds in batches, when the construction to a certain extent, must send back photos, confirm the achievement of the goal, we will remitted the next amount. That's why we can often receive photos from the evangelical workers ahead, passed on to us for the ongoing project, and share it with you.

Strict control of the budget preparation and implementation, let us save a lot of unnecessary waste, but also in the process of execution, slowly train the forward gospel workers cost-effective concept, and let them in the use of money to learn to be responsible, transparent, and honest good character, this precious character will make their service life for a long time.

Strict budget execution, in no way means that our actions are harsh. On the contrary, there are many immediate or urgent needs of the evangelical workers or their families ahead, such as illness, injury, hospitalization, bereavement, or urgent expenses,… Wait, we are extremely tolerant. So, when they didn't ask for anything, our assistance, unexpected, suddenly came.

Dear brothers and sisters, the rise of the glow and the many evangelical institutions of the Kingdom, the churches, the preachers and the gospel workers of the vast field, require you to continue to pray for them.

Beg God to let them have intelligence, know how to be a good housekeeper of financial loyalty, also let them clean their hands, away from all the temptations of money. Let them not waste on every penny of money, and see how this financial loyalty can spread the gospel and win the soul. Bless you.