Prepare for more children

Prepare for more children

The 28 -second video captured a two – acre piece of open space. Next to the vacant lot, some buildings can be seen, which is a rain-to-rain children's centre supported by All Arise Shine, on the outskirts of La suis, northern Myanmar.

This remote village is very unstable, often with clashes between government forces and ethnic armed forces, so many families have fled to the mountains. When I visited here in June, the children's center had just accepted a little girl who had been living on a nearby hill.

One day his father was working outside, knowing there was fighting, so he immediately put down his job, rushed home to take his family, to safety. When she first got home, the armed forces arrived, in front of the little girl, and killed her father. Tragedies like this, should happen to children in children's centers.

Therefore, how to settle these children who escape from the mountains and let them go to school, it becomes a great need, can also be said to be an urgent matter, because the child's growth can not wait. However, as far as gospel work is concerned, this is a good opportunity for us to serve them.

The rise of glowing has always been a great burden on children who are in distress, and we have done our best to help them. About 40 children are currently housed at the Yunai Children's Center. But there are still people to ask, is it possible to accommodate some more children. Because this need is really too big in the area.

Currently, the vacant lot in the video is mainly for sale, with him opening for 8 million kyats, or about $5,400. The rise of glow in order to accommodate more children in need in the future, we decided to buy this piece of land. I want the head of the children's center to consult with the landlord, is it possible to reduce the price?

The landlord knew what we were doing, and the purpose of buying the land, was so cheerful that it suddenly dropped from the original offer of 8 million kyats to 4.8 million, or about 3,200 dollars.

In the near future, we will build a few simple houses on this piece of land, linked to the current children's centre, to live for future children. It is estimated that we should have no problem hosting more than 30 more children.

The rest of the open space, in the future can grow vegetables, can also raise pigs in a corner, so that children's center food costs can be reduced a lot. Want to come, buy land to build a house plan, really do a double!

Although at the moment we have to spend money on land (but, say, it's really cheap, cheap is a bit incredible), and betting on building houses, these costs, compared to the future can create 30 more children's lives, and the impact on their lives, is really a negligible investment.

Dear brothers and sisters, do you think it's worth while the betting on these fallen children is rising? I'm sure most people, they'll have the same opinion as me. Bless you!