Church Culture and Jesus culture

Church Culture and Jesus culture

Got up in the morning and received some WeChat messages from the Burmese side. , a picture came from a preacher's wife, with a message, as follows.

"This is our house, the place for the children."Last March, our couple began to cultivate three students, and three students were cultivated first because of the problem of accommodation.We also pray that when the church buys the land, we want to open a student center there to give mountain children the opportunity to read.”

"Our couple thank God for giving us the gift of China and Myanmar, and we will teach the Lord with the gift of God."Please pray for our plan, thank you!”

The preacher, who is herself a seminary graduate, has a 4, 5-year-old son who has only recently been produced, has a second child, is busy raising teaching two children, is able to squeeze a room in his home, willing to take in three students, supply them with room and board, but also shepherd their lives.

Then he gave me another message, as follows.

"XX physician, can you help us to collect computers, second-hand is also OK, we want to open computer classes, teaching the foundation, through teaching computers can reach out to the unbelief, the gospel to them."Please pray for this matter, thank you, Dr. xx.”

The rise of glowing (all arise shine) in Burma's evangelical work has expanded rapidly since it was launched in early 2018. Whether in Kachin, Myanmar, or Kokang, we are trying to help preachers who are willing to serve, their various gospel work, such as building or building children's centres, helping displaced refugees, hosting the poor and orphans, and going through school education,…. such as.

As a result, we have reached out to the growing number of evangelical workers in front of Burma. Most of these evangelical workers have received formal theological education, eager to use their own equipment, the actual integration into the community and the crowd, to do their part to solve the current environment of the problems.

I am surprised to find that in such a backward country in Myanmar, their theological education is so solid, I may not know how much their theological knowledge actually learned, they do not understand xx theology, yy theology, zz theology,…., But I clearly see that they live out of the style of Jesus, with their own equipment, into the crowd and respond to their needs.

Today's churches have a variety of denominations, all kinds of ideas and teachings, and different views and burdens, but it is clear that if the church only stays in the high wall, the mansion, can not really walk into the crowd, sensitive to the suffering of today's society, respond to the needs of the general public, so that the non The Gospel of preaching is tough, the Gospel of "doing".

This gospel, so that people's understanding of God, may remain forever in the stage of listened intelligently. Instead of "soft", "moist", can truly "penetrate the human heart" of the gospel, let people really and clearly see the "Face of God", and their past life has a comprehensive introspection, and ignite the enthusiasm of life in the future.

In so many preachers in Burma, no matter what their theological educational claims were and what the denominations were, I saw only that what they served was "the culture of Jesus," which was enough, which was so touching that the effect of the Gospel was bound to be good.

What Is Jesus culture? To put it simply, Jesus ' culture is in the work of all kinds of gospel in the Kingdom of God, with only a single eye on "What would Jesus do (think, say)" (say) "something."

The servants of countless faithful gods all over the Kingdom of God! Please let your solid theological education not only stay in the church building endless preaching and impassioned theory, please let your theology sublimate into "Learn God" it! "Learn God" can show the solid theology of the most incisive Oh!

Recently I had a brief, but interesting, conversation with a senior preacher. The preacher, who has served God for many years, said, "Is it possible for you to preach for twenty or thirty years, not even what you are talking about yourself, nor can the congregation understand?" I answered him mischievously, "as long as you speak of what you have done, we understand, or we will not understand any more of you speak."

Dear brothers and sisters, pray for your church and pastor, and let the churches of all parts of the Kingdom of God and the servants of many gods manifest only the culture of Jesus, not the variety of different church cultures. Let us bless the Servant of God, the House of God, and the Kingdom of God.