Fire and Life: The Grow of giant trees

Fire and Life: The Grow of giant trees

Nature has a lot to do with the breeding of life, growth, and thrive, between different species, and many of them are very similar.

California is a desert climate region, very hot and dry in summer, so forest fires are heard, and often cause a lot of damage and loss.

Does the occurrence of the fire be good for the ecological formation and maintenance of the forest? I think most people rarely think of such a professional problem as I do.

In early August 2019, I first came to the Sequoia National Park in central California, where the museum introduced the national park, only to learn more that the original fire, in addition to destruction, was also a breeding for forest life, growing, It's related to the growth of large trees and the long life cycle of thousands of years.

There are thousands of giant sequoias in this national park. Among them is Sherman Tree, the tallest tree in existence in the world today. The tree is 83 meters high, and the diameter of the tree is 11 meters. The tree has lived in this forest for nearly 4,000 years. Such a long life, still alive, is actually related to the fire.

Here are a few passages about the benefits of forest fires.

"After a forest fire, the trees that survive, usually get more sunlight, moisture, and nutrients. So, over the next 100 years, it's going to grow fast, and the annual rings will get thick," he said.

"Some of the big trees after the fire raged, although the trunk was injured and the trunk was hollowed out, but the growth of the trees was not affected, still live well."

"Every huge, mature sequoia is usually burned by multiple fires, so much so that the trunk sits on the surface and has many knots," he said.

"Why do many sequoias grow to more than 3,000 years old and become a huge (tall) tree?" It's mainly that they are usually able to heal themselves and grow up quickly after multiple injuries."

"Regular fires are closely related to the health of the forest, giving birth to trees at every stage of the forest. That is, in the forest, the life cycle of the trees is actually the cycle of fire."

"California's Giant Fir National Park, for a century, because of the rapid extinguishing of fires, resulting in seeds in the soil, felled into tons of thick leaves and branches to hide and isolate, resulting in air, water, and sunlight can not penetrate the surface of the seed drop, seeds can not germinate, so there is no new trees growing ."

"Thus, after 1960, national parks were planned, carefully, setting fires all over the forest, burning thick layers of flammable leaves and fallen branches on the ground, and this "artificial arson", coupled with natural fires, allowed the Great Sequoia National Park to maintain a healthy ecology and growth."

Experts believe that frequent "burning fires" in forests can remove fallen leaves and dead branches from the forest floor without damaging trees. The ashes left after burning are best suited for seed growth.

Back to the teachings of the Bible, there are many verses about fire. Among them, some are related to God's cultivation. John the Baptist said, Jesus will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire . The "fire wash" here refers to experiencing suffering and suffering. This is indispensable to the healthy growth of our spiritual lives.

When God tests us, and refines us, just as it is to make gold with fire, it can remove impurities and become fine gold. Even, "calling our faith both tested, is more valuable than the gold that can still be bad by fire test, …" (Peter's previous book).

Many other verses are similar. For example, "Ding is silver, furnace is alchemy, only the Lord is the heart." (Proverbs); "Lord, please look at me, test me, and cook my lungs." (Psalms).

"God, you have tested us, and it's like making us silver." (Psalms); "because he is like the fire of the alchemy man, like the alkali of the drifter." (Malachi); "Yet he knows the way I'm going; After he tried me, I would be as gold. (Job)

Dear brothers and sisters, no one likes his life to have a "fire test", after all, it is too painful. But when the "test of fire" comes, how do we face and respond?

There is so much in the Bible, if you doubt or believe that "fire-like trials" are really good for life, at least thousands of large trees in the Giant Fir National Park, able to survive thousands of years after multiple forest fires, at least to provide us with a good, how to face the "fire test" time, attitude reference. Bless you.

Everything in nature called destruction must mean a new life. This is the process of transitioning from one beauty to another (Everything in nature called destruction must be creation — a change beauty to beauty.) — naturalist Jonh n Muir