Help in time of trouble

Help in time of trouble

Thank God for his wonderful leadership. The rise of glowing (all Arise Shine) is about to begin participating in some evangelical work in Central Asia. We will help another agency where to dig wells. And then gradually get involved in some other work.

This evangelical institution is the responsibility of a couple, and God's leadership of them is wonderful. Sir would have been a senior at the top universities in country C. After graduation, the two had very good jobs and industries in the S city of C, but God brought them to the United States to study theology and then as a priest in the Chinese church in the United States.

It was supposed to be like this in their service career. But in a trip to Central Asia, God put their burden on the local heart. Since then, they have been working on the gospel in this place. This is an extremely dangerous and challenging task. When they went a few years ago, it happened to be the most rampant period for ISIS, but God kept them safe.

The outbreak of civil war in the region has now reached 8 years. Originally a rich country, it has now become devastated and dilapidated. 8 years of civil war have killed more than 370,000 people, including 112,000 civilians, and more than 200,000 of the military. Most of the people left in many families today are children, the elderly, and women. Adult men either die in war or are called up to serve as soldiers.

This civil war, which was in the same catastrophe, also led to some 13 million people in the country, either internally displaced or fleeing to foreign countries to become refugees. The ongoing civil war has also set back the country's economy for 30, destroying infrastructure and paralysing electricity and oil production.

Even though the country now needs a lot of help from the outside, it is strictly forbidden for outsiders to preach the gospel to local Muslims because it is a Muslim country's relationship. So the work of our evangelical partners on the ground begins with the care of the family. Because of the serious lack of supplies, visits often require gifts or food, and listen to their voices and build friendships with them.

Because of the severe lack of vegetables, locals often go to the wild to pick up some wild plants as vegetables to eat. Once our evangelical partners also ate with them, and the results could not be adapted and sent to emergency care. They used to keep some food in the fridge, and now they're often empty, and it's hard to even eat an egg. The hardships of life are palpable.

Little children also have little resources. All day long in the dilapidated destruction of the premises of the roadway, with plastic bottles and stones as toys, thrown up.

With their current situation, our evangelical partners bought a plot of land in the area in the hope that nearby residents would be able to reclaim and have their own vegetable gardens, so that the problem of vegetable shortages would be solved. But because the land is barren, and there are many stones mixed in the meantime, to grow vegetables and fruits and vegetables before, must be well sorted out.

In addition, the excavation of wells is the only solution in this arid desert area, as agricultural farming also requires the need for irrigated water sources. As a result of the rise of luminescence on the excavation of wells have a great interest and burden, of course, we are duty-bound to promise to help. We will dig a well first, and if the results are good, one more wells will be dug at the other end of the land to facilitate irrigation.

In the future, the evangelical agency will also set up kindergartens and orphanages in the area. We will also do our best to help them, including stationery, books, schoolbags, as well as a variety of school supplies.

In this arid Central Asian country, there lived a group of people who were very different from our beliefs, cultures and languages. Years of war and devastation have left them livelihood and in dire straits. As a result of this war, which is not over, almost everyone and every family is imprinted with deep scars. Sick, dead, parting scenes and stories play out on this place day and day.

We are outsiders who cannot appreciate their pain, nor can they heal their hearts. But we can extend the hand of friendship, to embrace, and to care for them. We can collect the limited resources around us, or supply them and help them in a dedicated way.

As far as evangelism is concerned, this is also called prime time, bringing Jesus ' mercy and love to them and giving them an idea of the true God who created the universe and created them.

The rise of glowing gospel work in Central Asia has been initiated and will always help our partner agencies serve locally. If you are interested in serving in a Muslim country, please contact me. Bless you.