From monks to preachers

From monks to preachers

Pictured on the right is a thin Yi brother, a former monk, who spends his time in the village, without evil. Can be said to see people afraid, people see people hate.

Later he was passed on to Fuin, who had sinned in. Not only that, but also keen to preach the gospel in his own nation. I heard that the Yi people are difficult to preach the gospel of the nation, difficult to resist a great deal, but this brother brought a lot of people to believe in the Lord.

When I visited him in northern Myanmar in June this year, he lived in a very simple thatched hut. The house has a small, bamboo living room (and bed), he usually takes people partying over there.

Not only that, his humble house is also separated by two extra, hosting another monk, with a homeless man.

When I visited him, I noticed that the side of his house was under construction, erected a wooden beam, and asked him what to do. He said he was going to build a church, to get more people to party. But because there is no money, to wait for the next harvest season, after selling the planted corn, see if there is no surplus, and then continue to cover.

Knowing this, I decided that All Arise Shine had to step in to help him, take on the work of building the church, and accomplish the beauty.

These photos have been coming for a while, and it seems that the project is going well. Listen to our responsible preacher said, is now nearthe to complete the stage, but because of the war in previous days, coupled with they do not use WeChat, so the photo can not be transmitted.

From a bad monk, to an enthusiastic good preacher, greatly used by God, for the benefit of their own people, what a big change ah!

God's law of doing things is wonderful. Perhaps God is to use his previous bad, and then borrow his change, let the Yi people see the power of the gospel!

Let us bless his path of service, many results and many wonderful testimonies.