The unrest in Haiti is on.

The unrest in Haiti is on.

In Haiti, which has been in turmoil for nearly a year, the two days of people's struggle have intensified.

Social unrest has affected the attendance of students at all schools supported by All Arise Shine in Haiti.

Since our schools are in remote villages, if even these places are affected, you can imagine how much the country is boiling.

Basically, walking on the road is not safe. The mere protesting of the people, the angry people, mixed with the mob, so that many bad conditions can happen.

Students who live far from the school, for safety reasons, have to temporarily go to school. Because even walking down the country road, problems can occur.

The picture is our primary school in the village of Doco, which was founded shortly after its establishment, originally had more than 100 students, and only about half of the classes in these two days.

Even if the country is so turbulent, our education and gospel work cannot be stopped. Because in this semi – paralysed country, foreign help is too important to them.

Our haitian co-workers today sent me a passage — Our government dos dos to meet the people's needs. Those we have have supporting count on ourstoministries to survive. Bunch of people can have have edd without support….

Let us wish this country an early stability, so that the already poor people, can start going out to work. It also allows students to study at school with peace of mind.