Testimony of Haitian solar lamps

Testimony of Haitian solar lamps

Doco Village is about a 35-minute drive from the central Haitian city of Hinche. Since he owned the village, the villagers have been in the dark all the time at night, never seeing the light.

Only when they go to the neighboring city of Hinche at night will they see what light is.

Like most Haitian villages, Doco villagers have to buy kerosene to light a small light if they want a little light at night. But even this most basic need is impossible in the absence of job opportunities, extremely poor economic conditions and a sleepy life.

As a result of the rise of glowing (all Arise Shine) in this village has dug a well to solve their drinking problems. Now to see their lack of electric lights, of course, it is duty-bound to provide help, to provide each household with a good quality solar lights.

As a result of this help, the villagers now do not need to spend the slow dark night every evening, each household in their hut inside a bright light lit.

Our local evangelical workers also took the opportunity to preach the gospel to them, telling them that solar lights can make their nights bright, but only Jesus Christ can really brighten their lives.

Let us bless this remote village of Doco in Haiti.

PostScript: There is only 12% electricity coverage across Haiti, which means that the vast majority of villages are without electricity. The rise of luminescence provides at least 500 solar lamps a year for villages in central Haiti.