Testimony of Haitian Wells

Testimony of Haitian Wells

Jackson (with photos) lives in Belle one, a village north of the central Haitian city of Hinche. Belle One is a very large village with a large population.

The village is usually forgotten by the outside world. Only at the time of the election will politicians need votes to come here to visit. But once after the election, the city returned to its original calm. The things that politicians have promised have never been fulfilled.

The village is under great threat to the health of the villagers due to the lack of clean water. Jackson was in a mood full of joy today as he sprang up with glowing (all Arise Shine) to fetch water from the well excavated by the village.

His mother contracted cholera a while ago because she drank unclean water. Cholera. Fortunately, he saved his life after hospital treatment. The day his mother was discharged from hospital, the doctor specifically instructed her to go back and drink no more dirty water and make sure to drink clean water. And this day, just like the rise of glowing in the local excavation of wells to complete the same day.

Jackson ran next to the well on the day, pleading with the digging technician who was at the time of the construction, asking them to allow him to take the freshly excavated water. After obtaining consent, he was finally able to take the clean drinking water home for the whole family to "enjoy" for the first time.

From that time on, the whole family used to have diarrhea, and the situation did not happen again.

Our fellow workers in Haiti tell us that the rise of this well, which is glowing to help dig, is not only extremely important to the thousands of inhabitants of the village, but also to the villagers of other villages, walking for hours, passing by and removing them from the fountain of extreme thirst when they go to the Hinche market to buy and sell.

We want to bless this well, the underground springs continue to flow, never dry up. To be a blessing to those who have lived in and near this village for generations.

PostScript: It takes about 7,000 dollars to dig a well in Haiti. Although it does not seem to be very cheap, but the thought of a well can usually be used for more than 50 years, equivalent to the cost of a day is less than 0.5 yuan, it is too cheap, it is too worthwhile.