Another new school in Haiti is due to begin this fall.

Another new school in Haiti is due to begin this fall.

After a long period of consideration and prayer, the rise of glowing decisions this fall, the opening of a new school in the village of La Belle Onde in central Haiti, benefiting 150 to 200 students in the area.

It was a very difficult decision, because a new school was set up, and we would commit at least ten years. The three and a half schools that have been launched so far already have nearly 600 students, a major financial burden on us. If you add in the new school, the annual spending will increase by about $20,000.

Our education work in Haiti has recently been a great reflection, and we believe that the emergence of the glow of this start-up of the mission institutions, limited funding situation, free education is not good for both sides. As far as local residents are concerned, sooner or later they should learn independence.

So our new school this year, as a result of communication with local villagers, they are willing to bear 20% of the funding, the other 80% by us. Their burden increases every two years, to a maximum of 40 %. Other open schools have done a similar thing.

We believe this is a good model, the savings can be saved to open new schools, benefit more people.

The school we run in the countryside is extremely simple. You'll see the pictures. They didn't even have the wood material sits built. So the villagers went to cut down the trees, to use them as pillars of the classroom.

It is obvious that each one is different in size, and the wood is very "thin". Fortunately, the classroom itself is just an empty building, otherwise it is really a very dangerous thing.

We want to bless more than a month later, the opening of this school, can bless the village of many children who do not have the opportunity to read. In addition to the opportunity to change their lives, there is also a chance to preach the gospel to them and their families, so that the future life of the village has also been changed, and blessed.