Please pray for Haiti.

Please pray for Haiti.

Originally planned for a trip to Haiti in early July, we have cancelled due to the potential dangers of traveling there.

Haiti has been in great turmoil for two years. The President of Haiti appointed a new prime minister yesterday. This is the fourth in the last three years. The political and economic instability, together with it also affects our work in the local gospel.

All Arise Shine is currently building three village schools in Haiti, starting two classes in a fourth school, and supporting education for children with disabilities, and education for children in orphanages. The total number of students supporting and pastoralising has exceeded 600.

As the number of students continues to increase, we have to build new classrooms in all three schools recently. In the village of the fourth school we are also about to help build a new church.

Although some of these buildings are very simple, but because Haiti all rely on imports, the original material is very scarce, coupled with the recent inflation reached about 20%, let us spend more and more.

Local lying front-line evangelical workers, in such an uneasy environment, to move between each other far away from the villages, in addition to traffic safety, fuel costs, in the current hot weather, physical and temporal depletion is also very much.

Ask your brothers and sisters to pray for the rise of the glowing gospel work in Haiti, and to ask God to keep the local evangelical sorority safe.