Pray for Haiti

Pray for Haiti

Since the end of 2018 to more than half a year now, Haitian society has been in a state of turmoil. Already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, coupled with corrupt and incompetent governments, make life increasingly difficult for people. Prices are soaring, so much so that people's anger is out of control, only to come out and protest….

During a trip to Haiti in mid-February, we flew from Haiti in a four-seat mission plane, straight to the airport, fleeing the volatile country.

Next week, the planned trip to Haiti again, was also cancelled due to the current extremely dangerous conditions. Local political and economic conditions do not appear to improve in the short term, and it remains to be seen when the next time they will be able to re-enter Haitian soil.

The unrest in Haiti has also affected our missionary work there. First, the local evangelical workers team to deal with more and more situations, often cause dissonance of their skills, and second, the quality of communication is also greatly affected, resulting in communication problems. In addition, the current situation makes it increasingly difficult for our existing budgets to drive all kinds of gospel work.

But in the middle of all the difficulties, the various gospel work we are going to do has not stopped. Two days ago, the Vineyard Primary School in the village of Caswa held a graduation ceremony. The kindergarten class and the sixth grade graduated. The graduation ceremony seems to us to be nothing, but it is precious to people in remote villages in Haiti.

These villages used to be a hundred years of loneliness, no one passed by, no one cared, no one helped. Many people don't even have an ID card. All Arise Shine's schools in several villages have brought a glimmer of hope to the villagers who never dared to have a chance to read, and it has really come true.

Many people are transforming themselves from illiterate to non – literate, and gradually they even know how to pursue higher knowledge, and begin to have dreams. Not only children, even the village adults we are also promoting literacy classes, so that they can read some simple text and life information.

The three and a half schools we run in Haiti (one of which has not yet been fully built) have nearly 600 students, employing a total of 24 full-time teachers, including teaching the Bible, agriculture, and English.

Although our work in Haiti is still very small, but hope that this is a good start, so that the perennial suffering Haitians see the hope of the future, of course, through the opportunity of education, so that they will walk through the true light of God all their lives.

Haitian elementary school students pay about $200 a year in tuition if they go to a government – run school. In our village primary school, the average one – year education cost of a child is $100. These costs are now fully borne by the rise of glow.

Dear brothers and sisters, $100 a year can give a child in a poor country a chance to get an education. In the rise of the light-emitting adhere to the "pursuit of knowledge" and "knowing God" of the dual-track education, we believe that their future path will be more and more broad, the trajectory of life will be completely different. Is such an investment worth it? Bless you.