Wells in Kokang area

Wells in Kokang area

The rise of the glowing (all Arise Shine) in the Kokang region to help dig wells, these two days have been officially written in Burmese and Chinese biblical scriptures to hang up.

In order for nearby residents to come and get water, a large storage tank was installed above the well, and then the water pipe was connected to the wall to make it easier for residents to get the water without interfering with the privacy of the orphanage.

With Wells, there is a lot more water than in the past, and there is no need to pay for it every month. Look at the children in the naked upper body happy in the bath, the wall of the open space also planted vegetables.

The responsible preacher left me a message saying, "Thank you for your help, let's have a well." Now we feel so happy … "

There are currently 60 children in this children's centre. It is hoped that this well will bring them greater convenience in life. Let us bless them.