Supply what they need

Supply what they need

About an hour's drive from The great northern Myanmar's city of Mandalay (Wa City), Bin Urun, is a summer retreat from the previous British occupation of Burma.

For a hundred years, Bin Uren has been safe, never war. The recent civil war in Burma has spread to this quiet town.

All Arise Shine currently supports two children's centres in Binulen, one large and the other family-like, with an enthusiastic preacher who vacates the spare room in his home, taking care of the nearby hills, about 20 orphans and poor children.

In addition to helping them dig a well, buy the necessities of life, assemble iron beds, supply supplies, in order to increase living space, earlier this year also made a gap between the living room and the roof, more space on the second floor for them to use.

Even so, so many people crowded in a house is crowded, a lot of equipment is not enough to use. For example, the bathroom and bathroom have only one set, really very inconvenient.

When I visited in June this year, I saw that the space was so small, and I discussed with them how to build an extra toilet on the side and back of the house, build a toilet, and build a sunshade, so that the children have an indoor activity space.

At present, the two facilities will soon be completed. We are happy for them. Also wish these children know the blessing, understand the love of the priests, in the limited space, still feel warm love, so that their young life can thrive.