Construction work continues

Construction work continues

All Arise Shine continues to expand its evangelical work in Burma. Children's centers, Chinese schools, and kindergartens are all the objects of our help.

We stand in the role of a supporter, doing our part to provide their various needs. In our various help Pu work, there is a very important work is the maintenance and improvement of hardware facilities.

Due to previous lack of funding, many old or damaged facilities need to be restructured. Lack of space should also increase construction, good teaching children and students of life and learning, can be more comfortable and more convenient.

We hope that all hardware facilities can not leak the wind, do not leak rain, and do not enter the water. Therefore, to build gazebos, build and repair toilets, expand the kitchen, lay cement roads on mud roads, repair student dormitories, expand kindergartens, repair old roofs… And so on the required works, we do not hesitate to put in.

Our philosophy is simple, whether it is children's center or school students, we not only hope that they have everything, but also hope that they can have a certain degree of comfort and convenience in life.

A lot of maintenance and addition work will continue, because children's centers in need, Chinese schools, churches, and kindergartens are really too much. May God's great arm continue to reach out to us, supplying us with all the needs of some of our maintenance work.