The Magic power of Prayer

The Magic power of Prayer

The little boy in the picture is 5 years old and lives in a county in the mountains of southwest China. The little boy has not been talking since he was born, and the reason is not clear.

One day on a recent night, the Gospel workers in front of us went to visit the family and gave the little boy a simple prayer. And then he left.

When the gospel workers went back to visit them the day before yesterday, the little boy's grandmother was happy to say to our evangelical workers that after praying that night, the little boy could suddenly speak the next morning.

He would be very natural to call grandma, called Sister, to him as a child ran away from home, only recently returned to the mother, will also call mother. Even the Gospel worker who went to visit, he would call his uncle.

Obviously, because he has no problems with his hearing, he must have been studying silently for the past 5 years, but he couldn't speak.

After a simple prayer, overnight, the little boy's change was amazing.

We don't know what the reason is that he won't be talking until he's 5, but whether it's a developmental delay, the trauma of a young mother running away from home, or some form of ghost-attached suppression (dumb ghost), it doesn't matter, it's important that he's spoken now and speaks well and smoothly overnight.

The power of prayer is so great that it is often too big for us to imagine. Prayer is also a great mystery. Learn more to pray, less to calculate, less reasoning (more prayer, less planning) on the right.

Remember, we are growing in three degrees of space, so do not use our reason to try to understand, or reasoning in the high-dimensional "space" (or domain?). of God. He's really big, so big that we can't imagine. It is right to believe in him alone, to believe like a child. Bless you.