The throbbing of the gospel in the raging boat

The throbbing of the gospel in the raging boat

When he first came into contact with an evangelical worker working in the subtropical jungle, he mentioned that in order to reach those areas, he sometimes had to walk through the forest, spend the night in it, sometimes by boat, along streams, to reach places inhabited by ethnic minorities. He passed me a picture (the bottom right of the composite picture) and let me know what he was on the boat.

This photo recalls my first exposure to Myanmar's missionary work more than a year ago. In December 2017, a sister of State C B introduced me to Kachin State in northern Myanmar, where a evangelical worker urgently needed outside help. So she gave me the gospel worker's way of contact.

Later, the former line gospel worker sent me several photos and a video explaining to me how he was working locally. The video and two or three of its photos left me reeling. It also became the beginning of the rise of All Arise Shine and the bond of the Gospel work of Burma, and more than a year later, we were throughout Myanmar, the foundation of the rapid expansion of evangelical work. Of course, this evangelical worker is now also a loyal fellow of the rising glowing in Kachin.

The evangelical worker used this video and photo to show me how their team in March of each year, how to ride this class of boats, carrying people, rice, and necessities, deep into the mountains of northern Myanmar, the transportation is extremely inaccessible, inaccessible, uninhabited areas, and engaged in a month-long gospel sermon.

I was stoain by these messages. Although i have heard of some of the difficulties of gospel work before, we also know that some areas are inaccessibal by road. But such a story, but now the real development in front of my eyes, let me have the opportunity to participate directly, is not too excited?

In addition, as the head of a mission institution dedicated to serving the weak, isolated, and visionofable of the poor ethnic groups, in the face of the gospel needs before my eyes, and the good opportunities that God brings before me, how can I have a reason to refuse?

My understanding with this Burmese evangelical worker more than a year ago, and my recent contacts with another evangelical worker in the subtropical region, has made me slowly understand why many preachers are willing to endure so much hardship, for the sake of evangelism, into the wild places that are rarely seen. They are really the unequipped people in this world!

To this point, let me think of a sentence of the Bible — "The evangelical messengers of the newspaper, what a good way their feet are!"". Also remembering the Reformor, Martin Luddo said 500 years ago — "The gospel is god's words of beauty, is any prophet, apostle, angel can not say, is amazing, can not understand the mystery."This is the great love God has given us, made our hearts and consciences happy, and felt safe and contented."

Some people use the water source in the desert, to describe the relationship between man and the gospel. Water in the desert is extremely precious, is the people on a long journey, physical exhaustion, water lost, almost by death before the life- to save the side. Isn't the same thing about the effect of the gospel on one's human being? Only after we believe in the Lord will we know what our past is like, and we really know the importance of this gospel to our lives.

Dear brothers and sisters, since we know that the gospel is important to life, and have tasted the lord's grace, there is no way to ignore the matter of evangelism. Today we do not need to be like these two preachers, must be in the rapids of the boat, through a lot of hardships, to the place where people smoke to preach the gospel. We're going to have to be a lot easier.

As long as we are willing to step in our footsteps, out of the church, to the neighbors or friends, to share testimony, to share life changes; Or with other intelligence and methods, it is good to pray for others, comfort is good, as long as we want, the gospel will slowly spread around us.

If you have never brought a man to believe in the Lord, I suggest that you start from now on, and put it in prayer, asking God to give you courage, intelligence, and dexterity, and a good chance to preach the gospel. I believe the fruits of the gospel will soon come to fruition. Bless you.