The Baby of the Gospel Workshop and the Chili Horse

The Baby of the Gospel Workshop and the Chili Horse

As the head of a missionary organization, the two questions I face every day are, how to keep the money and resources coming in, and then distribute them faithfully and effectively.

Just a few years of experience told me, money and resources can not look up to people, can only constantly look up to God, and firmly believe that as long as the right thing, there is the right motive, God will supply. In fact, our experience proves that it is. So this part, thanks to God, I'm not worried at all.

As for how to distribute money with resources, it is not easy. Because the vast number of resources come from the dedication of many brothers and sisters, we must be loyal to the holding and management, so that we live up to people, and do not offend God.

A senior who specializes in the Gospel of Islam told me that the head of a missionary agency is like a cash machine, and most of the contact we have came to ask for money. There is a little negativity and despair in this statement. But that's not always the case.

In fact, engaged in missionary work, there is a real opportunity to recognize a lot of very loyal and dedicated evangelical workers. Many of them are unhelpful, unattended lone bird preachers, but they are the treasures of the gospel and the thousands of miles. I'm proud to know them, and I'm happy to put more resources on them to do their job.

In recent days, a team of lone bird preachers in a certain area, gave us a half – year work report. I put this report together for a simple, faithful presentation. I believe that you from the lines, must feel the efforts of the forward gospel workers and not easy.

Obviously, only by virtue of infinite faith and perseverance, and never give up, and then when the time to meet, there is a way to achieve some gospel fruit.

Gospel Work Report Itemization

1. The xx Gospel Works, which is being opened up, has been growing, but the distance, the terrain is complex, the high and low difference is very large, the cost is quite high. Political pressure is also increasing in this place. This year there are new baptized people in several places in this evangelical workshop.

2. YY has become the center of this area. We are organizing some small short studies here. The place has begun to set up sacraments.

3. ZZ is where God shows its miracles. Although not as fast as you might think, every time you visit, you can see new people, please continue to pray for this place.

4. AA is the new establishment this year. Although they are all elderly people, under political pressure, asked to meet at the county church, but we continue to work here, and try to find the right way to deal with. We hope that this place will be attended by young people in the future.

5. BB is a new one, in xx City. There are two old people. I'll be visiting in about 10 days.

6. CC's work experience is not easy. Although they are some old people, before the long only one or two, but we did not give up. Six or seven people came on both trips. This gives us hope again.

7. DD is at the junction of xx and yy. Although not many people, but we have been insisting. It is now linked to zz's work.

8. EE's gospel work has taken a heavy toll, and in experience, all aspects of the economy have made unprecedented efforts. I was asked if i deserved such an investment. Although I have not seen the number of people grow, but I have seen them in faith, life, and character gradually change.

I've been frustrated with the work in this area, but now I'm not. I believe That God has his part in this village with a population of tens of thousands. For example, a man who was once a mafia, is gradually changing, this is the power of the gospel.

9. FF this area has always been difficult. But from scratch there, from less to more, is always a process. This place is a larger township, but also we from kk to pp must pass through. The opposition of the children became a resistance to their faith. This place is in dire need of a young man's trust in order to get together. At present we can only visit.

10. The women we visit in the GG area, their husbands are unbelievers or even against the gospel. This is the basic situation of qq, next to the rr area is also facing the same hardships.

11. HH is a long way off, and visiting takes a lot of time to drive. This year we began to visit two towns here, and in the near future, we hope that there will be churches to be established here.

12. II County old railway station although already desolate, but the rent here is cheap. There are some people who work here. Every Saturday evening, they crowded into a small room to get together. I visit them regularly. These young people are the hope of the future of the church.

13. JJ village is also a part – time worker. They have a shabby house in ss, becoming a new meeting place. But the last time I visited some of the people at this party in the city, the place had been demolished, and they were currently gathering temporarily in a new place.

14. KK this place also has a new returnee. Consider setting up a group here in the future.

15. LL City is the only place in the country where the tt people live. The population is over 100,000. For a long time, I felt that the place was not easy to grow, but in a sermon a few weeks ago, they felt moved by the Holy Ghost, and saw their own crisis. I also encourage them to look up to God, believing that they will see the fruits of the gospel in the near future.

"What we're talking about is the new work that has been opened up in the last six months. Previously shared work situations, I do not repeat here. Previously established churches in nn, oo, mm, ff, jj all over continued follow-up. Churches with special problems do special treatment. MM area is a long way away, wait for the holiday time to visit. The NN area's farms are to be opened up with economic permission, especially the knu family mentioned last time."

Dear brothers and sisters, no matter which church you belong to, which denomination you belong to, and what special theological proposition sits on, I implore you here, be sure to pray for the faithful evangelical sorority of the mission workshop son in the Kingdom of God.

By the above report, you will surely agree with me, they are the treasure of the gospel workshop with the Chili Ma. Let us bless them, pray for them. If possible, support them. Bless you.