The Power of Kindness: The Story of a Mediocrity-Turned Dentist

The Power of Kindness: The Story of a Mediocrity-Turned Dentist

Grace is a precious trait of mankind, the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Expressions, words, behavior, and actual actions can show kindness.

Encius is also the deep-seated touch. So some people say that Grace is a language that even deaf people can hear, and blind people can see. Even a little bit of enciory, brought together, can become a great force for change, to create miracles, and even to flip the world.

Share with you now a moving story of kindness that I've learned recently. This is the story of an ordinary 17 – year – old peasant girl, how to go from a domestic helper to a dentist.

In late 1990, in California, on the Pacific side, a young couple was about to move to Beijing, China, to start a new page in their careers. This couple, Mr. Is a specialist, experienced dentist in the United States. His wife is a senior official of the U.S. state government, and will be stationed in Beijing.

At the same time, in the Pacific side of China's Shandong, there is a 17-year-old young rural girl, because of the difficulties in their hometown, want to look for opportunities for urban development. The two parties, who had not known each other, met in Beijing.

The 17 – year – old girl, originally wanted to attend a short dental course in Beijing, unfortunately, when she signed up, she was full. At this time in order to live the needs, she found a domestic helper job, not only income, but also solve the problem of her eating and living. And the couple from The United States became the family that hired her.

The girl was at the couple's house, and although it was a domestic helper's job, the couple treated her like a family member. From this point in time the owner and the relationship between the maid, they have since a friendship that has lasted more than 20 years.

After a period of time, the two sides gradually familiar, the couple only know, the original girl's wish is to be a dentist. At that time, according to the Chinese system, the basic dental training school must attend for at least three years.

For a little girl from the countryside, it is difficult to take care of herself, how can she complete three years of dental training? To her, it seems like it's just a dream that can never be completed.

But the couple, who were a domestic helper in their house, extended her graceful hand, willing to help her pay all her tuition for three years, and let the girl fulfill her dream. After two years as a domestic helper, this young girl, finally embarked on her journey to pursue her dream of life.

Three years of tuition is a small number, although this young couple has the ability to help, but only just to Beijing to settle down without a few years of them, but also a great expense, especially for a person who has no blood or kinship, can be so helpful, it is not simple.

For the next three years, during the dental school study, the couple's constant encouragement, also became a great motivation for the girl to complete her studies.

After graduation, because it is a junior dental school, according to government regulations, the girl will have to go through a seven – year internship before she can become a full dentist.

During those years, because the dentist from the United States happened to be all over China, training local dentists, and introducing the latest technology, teaching them, the girl with a strong thirst for knowledge, certainly not missing every opportunity to learn. So he ran between cities, learning new things. Of course, the dentist from the United States also gave her a go.

After ten years of study, the young girl, finally became a qualified, and experienced dentist. She was also married, had children, and returned to her hometown, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province, opened a dental clinic.

Because this female dentist, when young and unhelpful, experienced the kindness of a husband and wife from the United States, felt the warmth of life, and completed the pursuit of dreams, became a respected professional physician in her hometown, now she, kind and warm, also became the DNA of her life. This is the depth of life has been touched, after the natural change.

Not only in the clinic to her patients, treat them as friends. In the church, the female physician was also a devoted son of God. In the surroundings of her life, whether it was her patients or her brothers and sisters in the Church, she seemed to feel a special kindofness and enthusiasm.

Her husband and her four children, of course, knew the story of her life journey, being a non-prodear, from the United States, "pull a handful." They know better, this is "stow and big grace" help, will not be without the occurrence, there must be a magical power behind, in the dominant.

So each of the family, too, is very early on in the search for the source of this thirsty DNA of life. Look at their family photo, is there really such a trait? I think you can see it all.

Dear brothers and sisters, how great the strength of Enci? The giver may only be a drop of luscious, but the recipient is like Wang Yang's Enze, bringing the opportunity for change, the momentum to move forward, and the turn of life.

This male dentist in the story, in fact, has been my friend for many years. This story of kindness, as far as I know, is just one of many stories in his life. There are some chances to share with you later.

Obviously, a person with the characteristics of kindness in life is always a natural expression, perhaps they do not know, also feel nothing, but the people around him feel warm, feel a great deal of love and help.

This story of kindness in this article, if described in a simple way, is like a fleeting glow, shining on another person. But this light has not disappeared, through the shining people, and continue to pass on this light, shining others…. This is the power that Encievery has been able to stretch.

Dear friends, did you feel very touched and inspired to read this story? Have you ever been a giver or a recipient of grace in the journey of your past life?

If you have not been the giver of grace, don't just read other people's stories and be moved, change your mind, change your mind, meet the people in need around you next time, encourage comfort in words, or help with practical action, start your first act of grace!

Believe me, it may be a small act for you, but for others, it can make a huge difference! Bless you!