The model is in front of us.

The model is in front of us.

See how others serve God, let me, who is also serving God, know vigilance, know that they are still inadequate, but also learn to be more humble.

The picture above in this composite picture, taken in a small living room. Looks like a family, but not quite. If it's a family, guess from the age of your appearance, what's their relationship? It's hard to guess.

The two men on the far left are a couple, evangelical workers from myanmar, both of whom have had four to eight years of very complete theological training. They have two children. Usually live in a two – bedroom dormitory next to the church.

In addition to pastoral churches, they are also responsible for managing all children's centres and evangelical sororities south of Kokang, Myanmar, which are also responsible for overseeing the rise of All Arise Shine.

When I met them more than a year ago, they told me they had always wanted to work as children, but without any resources. That's why I stepped in to help them. Did not think of the sincerity of their words, not only reflected in their faithful service, but also from their side of the four little girls can be seen.

It turned out that the four little girls were not their sisters, nor relatives, but children of poor families in the neighborhood, and had no chance to read, and they brought them to their homes to live with them.

If you know the small size of their home, you may be more moved. Because they put only a small room left, put on two bunk beds, let the four children live in it.

Give them food, give them shelter, treat them like family. Take them out to play when they are free. Usually read the Bible and pray together. Such a loved child, is not very happy?!

Watch the second photo of the computer in the distance, this is not their home! This is the rise of glowing help them in the small living room to open computer classes, the computer used. Female preachers not only open computer classes at home, but also Chinese classes, creating people in need. Please don't forget, she's a mother of two.

Busy taking care of their two young children, busy teaching all kinds of things, busy responsible for the rise of the glow of all the gospel work, but also did not forget to serve the outside, and finally also put a little bit of leftin space in the house out to serve the four need to love, warm, and educated children.

I asked them why they did it. The most male evangelical worker only said to me, "There are too many children like this, and some of us want to help, even if they can find a job after reading a book for a few years and make their lives better."But i can't afford it anymore……."

Before the rise of glowing support for them, the church originally gave them a salary of 1,000 yuan a month, but when they saw that two of the church's fellow workers were not paid, they offered 500 yuan to them. How can a family live on a salary of 500 yuan a month?

He said to me only faintly and fortitude, "There is nothing here, this is what we serve God, how much is used…"

See (value) the precious value of God's creation. Can give as much as possible, can do as much as possible, can help as much as possible, do not publicity, do not complain, do not feel inferior, also do not think bitter. This is the life they serve. Thanks to the manners of these forward gospel workers, enough for my spiritual mentor, let me run and follow.