Work at orphanages in the Burmese Hebrides

Work at orphanages in the Burmese Hebrides

The rise of glowing (all arise shine) is under way in the evangelical work of orphans throughout Myanmar.

A new children's centre and Student Centre have just been set up in the south-eastern part of the country near the Thai border in southeastern Myanmar.

Several children have arrived first, and several children are still on their way to arrive. The first priority is to buy the necessities of life quickly, especially the placement of the bed, with the quilt, the purchase of clothes.

Our responsible co-workers in the region say there is no Christian student center in this part of the Tatmadaw, so the establishment of this center allows nearby children to learn Chinese, and we have the opportunity to preach the gospel.

The establishment of the Children's center, but also let some lonely children, have a new home, not only life to be cared for, life has been created. Let us bless these children in unison.