Maintenance of dormitory at the Evangelical School of South Pagha, Myanmar

Maintenance of dormitory at the Evangelical School of South Pagha, Myanmar

"Houses are old, beams decay, window frames fall off, windows are broken, concrete patches on walls and floors are falling, roofs are leaking, bath toilets are old and destroyed." This is the status of the evangelical school affiliated with the Chinese Church of South Pagar in Myanmar, the status of the boys' dormitory.

The South Pagha Church is located on its way to La Siu and Mujie in Northern Shan State, Myanmar. There are about 500 Chinese in South Pagar, one of the vast fields of the gospel. In recent years because of the fighting around the village, the poor economic conditions of the people, choose to south Paga refuge settlement.

Therefore, the brothers and sisters of the Church are mostly refugees, the Church economy is not yet able to stand on its own two feet, and needs to accompany them on an extra mile. In addition to all of The Rising Shines, who have begun to support church preachers, another burden is slowly helping to improve some of their facilities.

There are currently about 400 students in this church – affiliated evangelical school. Because some students come from remote areas or are living in extreme poverty, in order to take care of their lives and study, they have opened student dormitories, currently 70 students.

The priority of the current rise of glowise is to help them repair the boys' dormitory, hoping that these students will be able to attend school more attentively in a good accommodation environment.

Thanks to myanmar's loyal evangelical workers, not only to herd the church's flocks, but also to spend time educating 400 children from neighbouring areas.

Thanks to the evangelical workers, these 400 children can not only learn new knowledge in school, but also know God at an early age.

Brothers and sisters interested in this Heavenly Investment Project, can contact me. Bless you.