Myanmar refugees need supplies

Myanmar refugees need supplies

The war continued in northern Myanmar, where several cars had been set on fire in the past two days, and gunfire could be heard at night in the largest northern city of Raqqa, where residents felt a sense of soldiers coming to the city. Where is the safe place, the line has become increasingly unclear.

Many local residents have fled where they live, to safer areas. In response to this need, several makeshift refugee camps have been set up to house some of these IDP (InternalLy Displaced People).

IDP simply uses Chinese, is because of political or war factors, vastills, undecided people. As the Bible says, "displaced people."

The latest statistics for the past two days, the number of people in several refugee camps has reached about 1,700. Churches in the area are banding together to raise money and supplies to help them. But as far as I know, the number is limited.

Since refugee relief is also one of the different images and burdens of all-way shines, it is incumbent upon us to donate 400 blankets, 600 pairs of slippers, and 30 packs of 100 kilos of rice. In addition we also began to mobilize several places, began to collect old clothes.

What they need most now is rice. A 100 – kilogram of rice sells for about 200 yuan locally. If you have a burden on refugee assistance, please contact me.

Jesus clearly taught us in the Bible, to be the smallest, to do it in Him.

Please understand, this is not only a charity work, but also the best chance to evangelize refugees! Bless you.