Another well excavation in Burma.

Another well excavation in Burma.

Rise glowing (all arise shine) in the past one months, in addition to the continuous excavation of three wells in three villages in Haiti, a well has been artificially excavated at an orphanage in the Kokang region of northern Myanmar. There is already a lot of water pouring out and it is expected that it will be completed in a few days.

Since yesterday, there has been a rise in an orphanage in the "Lashio" near Lasso, northern Burma, using machines to dig deep wells. The orphanage currently has 14 students, and after the new building is renovated in March, it will increase to 40 people. There is also a lot of open space in the location of the new address, which can be covered again if necessary in the future. To accommodate more children.

So far, a total of 10 wells have been excavated by the rise and glow. We expect to dig more than 5 wells a year in the future. The cost of digging a well in Burma is only about half that of Haiti. About 2,500 dollars to about $4,000 trillion.

Digging wells is a great burden of rising luminescence. We are willing to dig wells everywhere and give local residents a big gift of the gospel. For the sake of the gospel, the rise of luminescence is willing to do everything we can to do what we can.

If you know the Gospel workshop in front of you and need to dig for wells without funding, please contact me. The rise of luminescence will provide the necessary help.

In the video, you can see a small pool next to the excavation machine. Listen to the local preacher said that in this way, water must be poured into the surrounding pipeline to increase lubrication, conducive to excavation.