Myanmar IDP needs your help

Myanmar IDP needs your help

Since 1960, when military strongmen seized power, established authoritarian governments, and vetoed the right of minorities to self-determination, civil war has continued for nearly 60 years, the longest-growing country in the world.

The intermittent fighting between Burmese government forces and rebels from multiple ethnic groups over the past few decades has not only severely stalled the country's economic development, but has also left millions of Burmese, or fleeing their country, into refugees in neighbouring countries, or running around Myanmar as homeless and displaced IDP ( Internally Displaced).

The IDP situation is in many cases a more helpless group of people than international refugees. As a result, they lack international assistance, and their plight is rarely seen in the international news media.

Rise and shine over the past 1 years, God's guidance and privilege to participate in the evangelical work of Myanmar have slowly discovered the serious problems that Myanmar, a country, has caused as a result of the long war. That's why we're involved in a lot of orphan rescue and resettlement efforts.

On the other hand, it becomes a difficult task for IDP to settle down and rebuild their homes after fleeing their homes and landing in a safer place.

The rise of luminescence is currently in the Kokang region, where the local church buys a piece of land to help 9 of families of refugees. From the whole land to the construction of houses, we all provide positive help. Because of the high cost of building houses, we encourage these IDP to unite themselves, help themselves and build their own new homes, while the rise of luminescence is responsible for providing most of the bricks, tiles, and cement.

At present, two families have been built and Thanksgiving services have been held in the past two days. The local preacher told me that there was actually a bit of sad in the house that went into one of the houses, because it was empty. No table, no chair. The bed is made of bricks. The kitchen has not yet been built. It was clear that they were happy to have a place to shelter from the rain. In the face of these deficiencies and dilemmas, the rise of luminescence will continue to extend our hands to help them.

With the completion of all premises, the rise of luminescence will continue to supply them with the necessary living materials and assist them in solving the problems of drinking water and electricity. We are excited to see this group of IDP displaced for many years and finally have their own new home in the relatively safe and courageous region.

In addition to helping the resettlement of refugees in the Kokang region, we will also help build a larger IDP home in the north-central part of Burma, the eyebrow seedling region, in the next 1 years. Helping IDP rebuild their homes is a daunting task because they have nothing. So for our supporters, the betting on resources will be extremely vast.

Although some of these enormous expenses are not budgeted for in our annual plan, it is God's heart to rise in a glowing and determined belief in helping the displaced, so we will not hesitate to invest, go all out, and believe that the gods in charge of all will surely supply us.

Read this essay if the church and individual who have a burden on IDP's help can get in touch with me. Bless you.