Please pray for Myanmar.

Please pray for Myanmar.

Myanmar has been the world's longest-running country in civil war, nearly 60 years from 1960 to now.

Myanmar's civil war is extremely complex, with many ethnic minorities having armed forces or allied forces, often clashing large and small with Burmese government forces. Generally, southern Myanmar is relatively calm, while the north is increasingly fighting.

This section of the highway linking Mandalay and Laain in northern Myanmar, with its peaks and flues, is a major north-south traffic route, from which freight and passenger cars have to pass. The thrill of the mountain road is comparable to that of Taiwan's cross – road.

In the early hours of today (August 15), several military and drug-related measures were attacked on a section of the road north of Bin Uren in Mandalay, a major cement bridge in the mountains was blown up, and north-south traffic was completely blocked, with the government estimating that it would take at least five days to complete.

This section of the mountain road I only walked in June, very thrilling. At present, many vehicles stuck in the mountains, I do not know how to be good, especially the whole section of the mountain road only one place has a toilet with snack bar, eating, drinking water, and toilet will be a big problem.

Several children's centres supported by Rise Of Arise Shine are scattered on both sides of the road, so this time it's affected somewhat.

Our responsible missionaries in Myanmar often travel back and forth on this road, or deliver supplies, or contact things, or visit mission workshops, and so on. I'm afraid it's also been greatly affected.

At present in the area held several Pering, shepherd's itinerary is either delayed or interrupted, from the city of Wa to Lalu aircraft are also full of tickets.

In response to this sudden situation, many places after 9 pm also began a curfew, in some places, government forces clearly after 9 o'clock can not drive lights, otherwise will shoot, people certainly can not go out. The situation is very tense.

Cross-cultural education sometimes really not easy, recall in February I went to Haiti, the situation of the escape is still in sight, July would have been planned for the trip to Haiti, because the social and political situation in Haiti is still very volatile, also cancelled. This time is considering re -entering Myanmar at the end of October, as things stand, it may not be possible.

Please pray for the evangelical workers in the evangelical workshops of the troubled countries, and ask God to look after them and keep them safe.