To the children of Burma.

To the children of Burma.

Son, you have left the home of the mountain that you grew up to grow up with, and the stranger I met for the first time, to go far away, to a place you have never been to, you are very strange.

Child, you are young, may not know what is sad or sad, but left where you grew up, left your parents (if you still have parents), your young mind is a little dazed, there is a faint expectation?

Child, this time leave, mountains and rivers, do not know when the return is.

Child, watching you quietly crowded in the back seat of the car, I can not read your eyes and mood, is anxious, dazed, or looking forward to.

Kids, trekking all the way, constantly on the road, I know you're all tired. Watching you lie down in a car seat and watching you fall asleep in my arms.

Child, do not be anxious or afraid, you may not know me, but God has given you to me, I will learn to love you, like God love you so.

Child, believe me, in faraway places, there is a warm home ready for you, where, what you have lost in your childhood, what you have not, God has prepared for you.

Boy, I know you're all tired, go to sleep! Go on, Sleep! When you wake up, that God prepares a warm home for you, it will appear before your eyes.

Child, although this road is far away, the future is unknown, but please do not fear, God's wings will overshadow you, the God who made you must be with you. From then on you will not be shamed, nor will you be sorry, let alone humiliated.

Child, believe me, from today on, God must give mercy to you, and you will forget the shame of your youth, and no longer remember the humiliation of your widowhood. God will be your eternal light, and the days of your sorrow are over.