All the goods of all nations are to be brought in (II)

All the goods of all nations are to be brought in (II)

When I was invited to share missionary visions at a church in a city in Southern California yesterday morning, there was a line message that brought good news. A sister is willing to dedicate 3,000 pairs of slippers to the rise glowing (all Arise Shine).

This sister and I have been adding line accounts for about a week or more. It's someone I've never met, and I don't know. I asked him how he knew me, and he said he had read the articles that others had transmitted to him, and I had written.

After adding line, I passed on several articles to him. A recent article is about several villages in Haiti that are learning to make slippers. After reading it, he replied, coincidentally, he also makes shoes.

I told him that many of our service workshops need shoes, I also know in the C country to do shoes friends, unfortunately are for some famous brand OEM, so there is no way to sell shoes to us …

He replied that they were also working as surrogates. And then he asked me, what shoes do we need? I said sneakers, slippers are OK. But because we have limited funds, we have to be very cheap. He replied that he could be obliged to help me pay attention and deal with the matter to see if there were any suitable shoes.

He then mentioned that the flip flops might be cheaper and said he could get a cheap,…. if he wasn't picky about the color and style. After that also gave me the reference price. However, the final confirmation is to be made.

I think this is how this should be done simply–confirm the style, number, and size of the shoe, and then decide the price and buy the slippers. There are about shipping and costs, and of course we have to bear it ourselves.

Did not expect yesterday morning this sister unexpectedly suddenly sent in a message, willing to send 3,000 pairs of slippers to rise glowing. To a person who has not met each other, never knew, unexpectedly so generous to the mission of the work, let me more experience of God's faithfulness and supply.

Once again, I 2006 think of what an old prophet said to me-"The goods of all nations will be shipped to you in the future." Yes, all the resources of all this, whether it be the devotion of money or the supply of supplies, are not for me, nor for the rise of glowing, but for the total for the Kingdom of God, many of the poor and backward in need, the people of God.

We will find a way to send these supplies to Haiti, Myanmar, the mountains of country C, and other frontline workshops that are opening up the gospel. These lightweight slippers will make for a very good evangelical gift. We are grateful for the supply of God, and once again inspired to be the driving force behind us to move forward.