Birthday wishes in the red light district

Birthday wishes in the red light district

Of the several things supported by All Arise Shine in Tijuana, Mexico, the evangelical work in the red-light district is quite impressive.

These for various reasons, here with the body in exchange for money girls, in the crowd, appear sudden and insignificant. The work they do, of course, is despised by many.

But the Creator's plan to create them was originally good. Their present condition is like a precious pearl stained with dust. As long as gently wipe, this pearl can restore the original good.

So the evangelical workers do their service, not to judge them, or to suggest what they should do. It's about letting them see how wonderful they've been created.

On each visit, in addition to chatting and praying with them, the gospel workers bring small gifts to give them. Picture cards are one of the gifts.

These cards were created by the gospel workers and the teenagers they served. Whatever the contents of the cards, the message sedated by them is the beauty and variety of life.

We believe in bringing this good and beautiful message to them, and they will gradually see how beautiful their lives are, rather than self-deprecating or self-deprecating because of the situation they are in.

When this beauty is revealed, these girls who work here, naturally will have a conscious desire to leave, to live a new life. This is the power of acceptance and affirmation in the work of the gospel.

Recently in the red light district of service has a wonderful witness. The following witness message, is the gospel workers ahead to me.

"The night before yesterday, in the red light district, to spread the gospel, to share the gift and the gospel with a little sister, she told us that although we preached to her, in fact, she herself prayed every morning;

We told her that Jesus, he had something to say to her, did she know?She knew she shouldn't be in the red light district, and with bad business, she was actually thinking about whether to leave.She said it was her birthday again, and she decided to leave the place today and stop doing it.

She said she hated the feeling of guilt; she immediately hugged our sister directly, wept in her arms, and decided not to leave the place that made her miserable.We didn't try to convince her or judge her, we just blessed her with a love and hugged her…."

Dear brothers and sisters, in this society and around our lives, how many people live a life that we feel disdainfully, and considers to be miserable. As far as the reaction of natural people is concerned, we really have good reason to criticize and judge them.

But don't forget, criticism and judgment will only make these dusted pearls, more obscure, and unable to see their light.

The Bible says, compassion is a triumph of judgment. Yes, that's the answer. Try to get to know them, accept them, encourage them, love them. Gradually, they will be able to see their own beauty, and are willing to automatically escape from that terrible life, like this sister in this red-light district.

Let us wish together those who are in all kinds of difficult environment, let the beauty of their lives and the wonderful creation of their own, also be seen.