Let's all come together.

Let's all come together.

In the Kokang region of northern Myanmar, wells in the Hope Children's centre are being excavated at a depth of 8 feet. Water is expected to be available around 20 feet.

As a lot of excavated dirt and rocks have been hoarded on the ground, children in the child Center are working together to move the dirt to other places where it is needed.

The children of these orphanages have been trained from an early age to do housework, washing clothes, washing vegetables, cooking vegetables, farming in the fields, harvesting, and the maintenance of various houses …. Wait a minute.

In northern Myanmar, where the economy is limited and the political situation is unstable, through the efforts of all, with all the blessings of God, 40 of orphans can also grow up together in a warm home.

It is good for a teenager to bear a yoke. The endurance and tenacity of their lives will be of great help to them in the journey of life in the future, and make them appear very different from others. We believe the training of teenagers is a good thing for them. Let us bless them.