Charity or the gospel?

Charity or the gospel?

is helping the orphanage a charity or a gospel job? The problem depends entirely on how the orphanage is operated and managed.

But look at this combination of pictures of the orphanage, your view will certainly be the same as me, it is definitely a gospel work.

Look at these kids! Will go down to the field to help farming, will pull dirt to do rough work, will help the kitchen washing vegetables to cut vegetables,…. Not only that, many children in the school to study the results are at the top.

And every day of life, in addition to work and study, prayer, praise, learning, recite the word of God,… It's a lot of everything.

These children come from broken, poor families, and many parents are separated or killed under the temptation of war or drug use.

If you leave these children alone, a few years from now they will most likely step in the footsteps of their father and take drugs, and bring destruction to life.

On the contrary, help them and look after them, but let their lives have been completely flipped, all their lives in the right way, and exercise the fortitude of life character.

Roughly estimated, supporting a child in an orphanage in northern Burma, containing all the expenses, is about 40 to 50 dollars in one months. This little support, but can greatly affect a person's life, you say it is worth it?

We often say that life affects life, this word does not necessarily have to be directly affected by contact. Be able to see the value of other people's lives, willing to put on their own small share, but also can affect the life of a person you do not know Oh! Bless you.