Charity & amp; Gospel

Charity & amp; Gospel

What is the difference between charity and the gospel? Where's the line again? Many church preachers and children of God often say without thinking, "We do not do charity, charity is done?" It may sound reasonable, but there are some places worth thinking about.

First let's think, what kind of people need someone else to do charity work on them? It is nothing more than backwardness, poverty, illness, distress, helplessness, war, displacement, and broken people!?

Second question, how many people are in such a situation in the world today? Open the newspaper, turn on the TV, and from the Daily News reports, we know that very, very many people are in such a scene.

When it comes to the gospel work, the Bible clearly remembers that God wants thousands of people to be saved and not to sink alone. And he said, the son of man came to seek, and to save the bereaved. In this case, why does the Church of God and the children of God, who have a large group of people who are equally in dire need of the gospel with others, care about betting, and help far less than other gospel work? Is it really just charity work to help these people?

The rise of glowing (all arise shine) views on this issue is that "charity work is definitely a good entry point for the gospel work." In other words, "grace as a striker, the gospel as the backing." Just like the early Western missionaries to the backward countries, including China and Taiwan, take the same measures,-first to meet the local people The needs of the people, including the education, the building of hospitals, and find ways to solve their food and clothing problems.

So the rise of the glowing point of view is not new at all, but follow the footsteps of the predecessors to go. Whether in Haiti, Mexico, the mountains of China, or Myanmar, we see what they need in every place, and try to meet their needs. With this help, we have virtually established links and relationships with the locals, and we have a great opportunity to preach the gospel.

So the rise glows now in 20 of several evangelical work projects around the world, such as building schools, digging wells, supplying meals (or rice), supplying solar lights, disability education, orphanages, adult literacy classes, after-school tutorials, red light districts, street friends, broken and single-parent families, music education for vulnerable children, AIDS care, Orphan education, war-torn families and child help, kindergartens, widows ' homes, and the supply of winter clothes and warm supplies are in fact related to charitable work.

In terms of supplying winter supplies, we have delivered more than two metric tons of winter clothing and blankets to the mountains of China and all parts of northern Myanmar in the past two months. We will also send out 3 metric tons of blankets over the next one months.

When the current missionaries go door to village to the villages to distribute supplies, they will not forget to remind them that even in such a difficult environment, God still does not forget them, but also love them. So only moved a lot of people far away, donated supplies, sent to this place to give them. Of course, every visit and gift will end with a prayer. Expect God's love to touch their hearts in prayer.

So the supply of supplies in the missionary workshop is not suitable in the end? Now let's listen to the view of a missionary who has been working on the gospel for many years ahead-"in preaching the gospel, sending supplies is very intimate and a good channel."My personal point is that we do not give supplies to others in order to preach the gospel, but because when we see that others really need what we offer, we care about him, and at the same time bring the Gospel of Jesus to others, supplies, and the gospel.”

"Of course, giving is simple, can be given everywhere, but we are not just giving, but to the people who need it most and at the same time bring the gospel to them."To achieve such a condition, we need time, and we need to observe it. "

For example, we supply rice in many poor places, and the prayer of thank you before eating every meal does not forget to remind us that this is God in an extremely difficult environment, because love them, never forget them, and specifically supply them.

Others, such as digging wells, write biblical scriptures on the side of the monument, reminding the villagers that they will be thirsty after drinking the water, drinking the water that Jesus has given them and never thirsty,… For example, when supplying solar lamps, there is a record of darkness and Light in the Bible, reminding them that there is a god in their lives to see the light and follow the light,….

At this point, it is clear that we have spent a great deal of money on the purchase of supplies, the construction of schools, the excavation of wells, the repair of premises and the supply of meals,…. Wait, on the face of it, it's charity work, but in fact, as the Bible says, "I don't run like an undirected, I don't punch like I hit the air." (Corinthians 9-26) that is to say, all charitable work has a very clear gospel purpose.

So where exactly is the line between charity and the gospel? My definition is simple-charity work plus a prayer, or a telling of God's greatness and never-ending love and supply, is the gospel.

So, since charity work is so easy to turn into a gospel job, many churches should understand it, but why are they not doing it actively? I am guessing, may be worried about to bet a lot of money and supplies it!? If that is the reason, wouldn't it be written in vain that the words in the Bible, "all of them are in God"?

The sentence of God's words does not fail. The Gospel work should pay attention to is that a certain job is not the same God's heart? Is the motivation of those who work in the Gospel pure? If both are, then God will supply. So consider the amount of money and material betting, should be worried, but also a small letter it!

Dear brothers and sisters, in the vast kingdom of God, there is a variety of charitable work everywhere, let us renew and change, do not exclude these good opportunities to preach the gospel, there is intelligence, dexterity, according to local conditions, first to extend the hand of our help, the completion of the gospel work will only be a matter of sooner or later. Bless you.