Complete Saints.

Complete Saints.

Over the years, when leading the short propaganda team out to serve things, God has always been very moved to me, to give the opportunity to fellow brothers and sisters, so that they have the opportunity to serve, so that their gifts can be brought into play.

Many brothers and sisters in the Church for many years, received a lot of equipment, but also a lot of spiritual knowledge, go out to serve, just can be in the church to learn the application. Even if some people are more shy, it doesn't mean they don't have a gift. So it becomes important to give them the opportunity to keep up with the constant encouragement.

For those who go to missionary jebusite for the first time, as long as they are in a situation, I usually give them the opportunity to testify and participate in some collective service. For those who are more experienced, I hope they can speak a short message. Sometimes, on Sunday Sunday, God will also move me to give up the opportunity to my fellow brothers and sisters to share.

Usually when they receive this invitation, they are very surprised that they can not have the talent of the speaker to follow, I encourage them to say, you may, brave to try it! Later, after modest preparation, their "performance" also proved my view is right. It can be seen how eager God is to rise up his sons and daughters!

A few years ago, once we went to Kunming, China to serve, there was a master of faith for many years, church life and spiritual scene has not been very stable, originally I only planned to give her to participate in some collective prayer service, but one day I get up in the morning instant, the Holy Spirit in a resolute tone to say to me "tell her."

At first I thought it was a whimsy in my heart, and I didn't think about it. I can't imagine a few minutes later, the Holy Spirit said to me again, "tell him." I had to obey, gave him the opportunity to share the witness, and the result was really good.

Once served in a city in China, on the Sunday of two consecutive Sundays, I had to share messages in two different churches. This time God also touched me to give the opportunity to an old sister of my peers to be a speaker. At first he could not believe this possibility, but after the prior discussion and comprehensive preparation, coupled with this sister's life of faith in the road of testimony, and fire love the heart of the Lord, it is really very good performance.

We came to Haiti early last year, and once, after visiting a village school, when we walked out of the classroom, the Holy Spirit clearly reminded me to give the Sunday message two days later to one of my fellow brothers to share. As the brother believed in the Lord in high School, knew the truth, and was hot in his heart, he shared the message as if it were a preacher. That's great!

This time in Haiti, in a few village gatherings, I also try to shrink my speech to the shortest possible time (usually no more than 10 minutes), and then give the time to three sisters, in accordance with their inner touch, or share the witness, or briefly share the message, or release the revelation from God, or pray for the congregation,…. Every man's service is sound, very anointing and ability.

The same is true of several services faced by children in orphanages these days, most of which are "performed" by the three fellow sisters. I was happy and relaxed, and saw that people were more involved in this cross-cultural mission, and that their various gifts were gradually being developed. It's too much for them, and it's happy for the Kingdom of God.
and 4:11,12 The book of Ephesus–he gave, the apostles, and the prophets, and preached the gospel, and the priests and the teachers, and did their duty to fulfill the Saints, and to establish the body of Christ.