It's not the same thing to see.

It's not the same thing to see.

Before reading this passage, ask you a simple question. If you live (or rent) someone else's house for a long time, one day you get a piece of land, right near your home, what would you do? I think a lot of people will be like me, quickly raise enough money, build a house of their own, can live in a long time.

But someone actually has a different way to see and practice Oh!

Pictured, this large area of land, located on the outskirts of Old Street, the capital of Myanmar's Kokang Autonomous Region. The local government divided the plot into many pieces, adding it to the people who had done so during the Civil War years ago, helping refugees. The size of each piece of land is 20 meters by 20 meters. Say big not big, say small is not small. But building a comfortable home is certainly enough.

For this reason, the head of the Myanmar gospel work at All Arise Shine has won a piece of land. The evangelical worker raised a church in Old Street, where a family of four lived in a dormitory next to the church. Not a great living space, and empty a room, settled to take care of four lonely young girls, accompany them to grow up.

Recently the evangelical worker's wife, who was also a preacher, sent me a short video of the land, and said that several families had started building houses here. I know about what she means, and ask her what you're going to do.

She said, the result of their husband and wife discussion, the land is in vain, should be given out in vain. So they want to build a house on this block of land, to settle many children in need nearby, to give them a chance to read, and to build their lives….

She said, the family lives in the church dormitory. Usual brothers and sisters have what need, to find them is more convenient.

I asked them, how much does it cost to build a decent house in the area? He took a few pictures of the ground, and a house that had already been built soon showed me. The house was built with the help of a brother of the church, and the total cost of the work belt could be completed for about twenty thousand dollars.

I went on to ask, "If they build similar-sized houses on their own floors in the future, how many children can they accommodate?" They answered? Of the same size, they can cover more space. Because a lot of unnecessary designs can be taken away. Maximize the space for children to live and relax. So there's no problem with twenty or thirty kids living inside.

I didn't promise them right away, after all, it wasn't a small sum. So encourage them to continue to seek in prayer, and also to seek God's leadership and supply.

I am grateful for the "different sight" of this young preacher. Their family has no constant property, but only thinking about the kingdom of God and the needs of God's people, without thinking about their future prospects and the comfort sofness of life.

I believe that they will not see the same, the future will create a different value, this value is related to the creation of life and the salvation of the soul. It is necessary to be eternally commemorated in eternity.

It is an honor to rise to glow, and also to be happy to be able to meet these precious vessels and treasures of the Kingdom of God, and to work with them. They are the best examples of my service, with spiritual life.

Dear brothers and sisters, in the journey of life, when we face something to make a choice, is there also a "special sight", willing to give up their own comfort and interests, and to achieve more meaningful things!? Bless you, bless myself.