Constantly "adding code" to children's gospel work

Constantly "adding code" to children's gospel work

All Arise Shine's work in many evangelical workshops is related to the children's gospel. For example, several schools in Haiti now have nearly 600 students. The number of orphans working in Myanmar also reached nearly 400.

As soon as we talk about the gospel work of children, our eyes light up. We know very well that children, like a piece of white paper, are more likely to be converted into Christians than adults. In fact, statistics from Western countries also show this result. Obviously, children between the ages of 4 and 14 are most likely to become Christians.

Is it really good to actually be in the field? We can see if we look at the data provided by the rising evangelical partners.

In this photo, is the "Ron House" of Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar, about a hundred children from the mountains. When they first arrived at the Children's Center, most of them did not believe in Jesus, but over the years, almost 80% of them believed in Jesus. Such results are in line with Western statistics.

This is the helpless children of these lonely, unguarded children, who reach out to help their great fruit. Once their spiritual lives were transformed, many suddenly broke off relationships with the curses inherited from their families (e.g. violence, alcohol addiction, drug use). Do you say this is not a great investment in Heaven?

So I have said more than once to our Burmese preacher, "To keep looking for children who need help, the rise of glowing capacity is still great, and we are happy to continue to bet on this work."

Dare to say so boldly, in fact, "for God in the expense of the ticket", because we firmly believe that this is God's joy of the work, He will achieve, will supply.

Dear brothers and sisters, did you feel very heart-throbbed when you read the statistics of this essay and confirm the actual results? Bless you!