All rights reserved, do not copy???????

All rights reserved, do not copy???????

The title of this essay is at first glance strange, especially with 7 question marks added to the back.

It's really sentimental to write this essay.

As the rise of glowing (all Arise Shine) continues to expand in evangelical work around the world, God has allowed us to link more and more gospel workers. Recently, I have found that many evangelical workers have gone out of Taiwan and have been on their own for many years in very poor places around the world.

Of the many evangelical workers who have gone out in Taiwan, I have recently linked two. One is Reverend Chen Yukun, who has been in the slums of Namibia in Africa for more than 10 years, and the other is a order missionary in northern India.

The reason for the links with these two evangelical workers is introduced through several sisters, because in the area they serve is extremely short of water, need to dig wells, so see if the rise of luminescence can help. After a better understanding of the local needs, as well as the faithful service of the missionaries, we certainly readily said yes.

These two days suddenly had an idea to write a series of stories of Taiwanese missionaries. The first one to write about was Reverend Chen Yukun. Although I have spoken back and forth with Reverend Chen's e-mails several times, there are stories about his service in Africa, and many of them need to be searched from the Internet.

Just as I was beginning to gather photos and reports about his service area, I found that one of Taiwan's reports was very complete, and I was going to digest them after reading them, so that I could write this article. Very helpless to read the end of the article, unexpectedly there is such a passage-this article without the author's consent or authorization, may not be translated, edited, reproduced without authorization.

I have been doing scientific research myself for 30 years and know very well what copyright is. Of course, the article also has copyright, so can not be translated or reproduced, this I understand. But I can't figure it out without editing.

This article is an interview-style press release, although written by the author, but it is a narrative sentence depicting the story of Reverend Chen's service in Africa. Everyone can find a lot of data from Reverend Chen on the Internet. What is written will be very similar, because it is the story of his service, so no matter how the description will be the same thing.

Unlike general scientific research, patents obtained have a unique intellectual contribution, so special protection is required and others are prohibited from plagiarism. I do not understand this kind of journalism, the description of other people's stories, the report written in Plain's words, "do not edit" such a thing.

Speak a little whiter, and what is unique is the service of Reverend Chen in Africa, not this news story. It's like if I write an article that says, "Taiwan is a small island in the Pacific," This description is a fact, so anyone can present it with a different narrative, and there is no question of so-called copyright.

So if I write an article in which I mention "Taiwan is a small island in the Pacific," I have absolutely no right to forbid others from editing or rewriting that fact. Because it's a fact that's not my invention.

This is an era of smart property and copyright. What we constantly emphasize is their contribution, others must not encroach on the,…. But even if scientific research, the cost of countless efforts, the results achieved, there are another faction of copyright such things scoff, that any results can be shared, should not be exclusive to a few people, so willing to study some of the procedures, or methods, published on the website, let people freely download and use.

These people are really so seen because they are not proud to apply for a patent and are willing to share it. They are so seen and broad-minded, at the cost of sacrificing a lot of income from their interests. But they still do.

If a person in the world who does not know God can do so, share with others, any story about the gospel, articles, or any way of writing, audio and video presentation, for the purpose of the gospel, is not also more should have this kind of mind? Otherwise, everywhere emphasis on copyright and patents, the gospel and good news How to get out?

Pen pens Since then, let me recall that 15 years ago I just believed in the Lord a very unpleasant experience. When I first believed in the Lord in 2005, there was a problem of severe depression and being possessed by ghosts, when my wife accompanied me back from the United States to Taiwan for two months.

At that time, there was a Chinese most famous female healing preacher, there was a party in Taipei, we specially from Taichung to Taipei to attend the party, after the meeting and accept her prayers. When I saw a little prayer manual that she had used when she served me, I was excited to ask her–"Reverend xx, you this prayer manual can I take a book home and practice it myself every day according to the prayer above?….."

I changed not only her categorical refusal, but also a passage that I still don't understand until now. She actually said to me, "the content of this prayer manual is my personal patent, not to spread out, …"

Dear brothers and sisters, when we pray, do we often say, "Dear Heavenly Father", "Dear Holy Spirit", "Dear Jesus", is this a patent? Even if there are special, anointing prayers in the prayer manual, isn't that what the holy inspiration says?

The copyright of the prayer manual should belong to the great kings of Heaven, how can it belong to the individual? Besides, is a healer a preacher a healer? Then why not share the spiritual treasures of these prayers with others???

In recent years, I have personally not only spent time on missionary work, but also have many opportunities to share information with churches, fellowship and institutions around the world. Every time I share it, as long as my brothers and sisters ask me, the content of the sharing can be given to them, I answer them, said, the whole file is taken, this sharing is not copyrighted, because everything from God moved. You are also welcome to spread out as much as possible …

Dear brothers and sisters, attitude and heart determine the height and breadth of service. A lot of things do have copyright, but also you a lot of intelligence and labor pay, but in order to the gospel and help others, we can not be more broad-minded, you think very baby data to give out a lot, rather than tightly held in their own hands?! Otherwise, everywhere in the emphasis on their own intelligent contribution, that the creation of human benefits will be greatly limited. Bless you.