Comforting the Sad Person (II)

Comforting the Sad Person (II)

As usual, Saturday evening was another busy time for our evangelical workers in Tijuana, Mexico.

In the afternoon, several co-workers prepared 100 sandwiches and some drinks, and in the evening they took them to the U.S.-Mexico border to visit the 100 street friends in the diaspora.

For the vast majority of people, these look dirty, body has a strong smell of street friends, is very few people willing to approach them. They are a group of people that the world ignores, almost unattended, unattended, and no one even looks at.

But we love them. Because He loved us first. The hundred street friends visited today, all of whom were the lost children of God.

Most of them, who had lived for years in the wealthy, superior environment of the United States, are now being repatriated to Mexican territory for various reasons.

Day and night, they wander in the border area, or look for food, or find a temporary shelter from the rain corner, more often should be thinking of the family on the other side of the high wall!

A wall across, at hand, the distance is so far away. The side of the high wall, where they grew up, never went back. Childhood and childhood have walked through the place, and left footprints, has never been sought….

For this group of street friends who have lost hope, even if we can help them very little, in summer, we can still hand over a cold drink, and a hot cup of coffee on a winter evening. When they were hungry, offera delicious sandwiches.

Extend a hand of friendship to them, embrace them, comfort and pray for them, and of course be a part of the visit.

Our evangelical workers, every Saturday night, make a mind, visit regularly, to let them know that they are not a forgotten group, and there are still many people in the world who love them and care about them. And the source of all this love is the eternal God — God.